How my journey began

I always used to think you were born psychic or born with all of those crazy "gifts” but come to find out, that’s not the case at all...

I have been “woke” since 2013. February 2013 to be exact.



I worked my very first wedding and the mother of the bride, who we already knew beforehand, was a world renowned psychic. At the end of the night we are packing up our stuff and she happens to come back into the room. She says, after coming over to us, “Who knows Flo? Who here knows Florence?” I immediately burst into tears. My grandmother, my maternal figure and favorite person, had just passed less than a month prior.

The woman goes on to say, “She is here with you. And she wants you to know she is okay. She didn’t suffer. She is at peace.” 

At the end of her life, she had very severe dementia and Alzheimer’s. Months before her passing, my grandmother was able to meet Liam, my oldest son, but I always wondered if she understood who he was. This incredible woman was able to answer that question for me when she said, "Your grandmother wants you to know that she knew who Liam was. You are doing a wonderful job raising your son and she sees that. She is so proud of you.” 

If someone at that moment offered me the choice between a million dollars or the confirmation that my grandmother was able to meet Liam… I would’ve said F*%# the million dollars. I don’t want it. That’s how important this confirmation was to me.


But How do i do that?

Obviously, the mother of the bride had my attention at this point. I am hanging onto her every word. She goes on to talk about some things that only I would've known about my grandmother like her secret stash of Werther’s she hid in her nightstand.

At the end of her conversation, she just stares at me and says, “You know you have the gift, right?”


What is this woman even talking about?! She looked at me and said, “I want you to do a quick exercise with me. I’m thinking of my very best friend, her name is Pam. I’m picturing her in my mind. I want you to explain to me what she looks like without thinking...GO!" Without any hesitation I said, “Well, she is about my height. She is a little bit heavier set. She has brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes." This woman, this incredibly beautiful light-worker, just looks at me and smiles. “That’s my Pam," she said.

Honestly, in that very moment I had no idea what the hell had just happened. She reiterated, “You have the gift. You just need to cultivate it."

Staring blankly at her, I remember thinking how the hell am I supposed to do that?!

Kind Words from clients


“Lauren clarified the reason of me being 'stuck' and feeling doubtful. I had no idea that this old stuff was holding me back, and now I can work on this to move forward. I feel supported, understood and ready to take action and climb my mountain!”

— Ellen

“Let me start by saying I get energy work done regularly and Lauren is by far the best. She ensures the guided messages are being delivered with precision and love. I left with a roadmap of where I need to focus my energies; and where to let go of those energies and thoughts no longer serving me.”

— Laureen


“Working with Lauren was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. She was so tuned into what I needed to hear and gave me the information I needed to work or focus on. Her compassionate, friendly, funny, warm personality allowed me to be 100% honest and the secure feeling I felt from her let me be open without worrying about any judgement; which was key for me. I’ve been opened up to a whole new level of possibilities that I can bring to my business and my life that I didn’t even know existed.”

— Tracy

“Experiencing Lauren in her element is nothing short of magical. She did some energy work to help clear out my money blocks and I left feeling lighter. Then Friday, I looked at my paycheck — I got a $1k bonus. Today, I found out I’m getting $2k back from my old landlord. One of my goals with Lauren was to manifest enough money to pay off my credit card bill ($3k) so that I can start saving more in anticipation of leaving my day job. Guess what I just did? Paid off that credit card! All I can say is...LAUREN MAKES IT RAIN DOLLA DOLLA BILLS.”

— Nicole


Transformation comes from within — and I’m here to help you activate it.


I knew I liked you. But before we go straight to third base (you feisty woman, you), let’s get to know each other: