You, creative boss, are a fire starter


Your work is gorgeous. Your clients adore you. You know you can take this business farther, and create the life you really set out to live.

But the behind-the-scenes mayhem of making it all happen is getting


It’s time to relight your own fire by digging deep into your core to spark the answers that are already within you.

Yep, I said it -- the answers are already in you. The problem is this: We don’t know how to ask the right questions...the questions that unlock the real solutions to the reasons you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, or unsure of your next steps.

It’s why I always start my client conversations with a (very tough) question:

Do your life and business reflect who you really are?

I’ll give you a minute with that one...

Because I’ve been in your shoes... 


For years, I ran “successful” businesses. I grew a Boston-based wedding photography studio to revenue levels it couldn’t imagine, in a noisy marketplace. Then I started LDC & Co, where I worked as a wedding planner, consistently doing 15-20 weddings per a one-woman show with two littles at home.


I poured my all into those businesses, and watched them grow. First-page rankings on Google, months-long client waiting lists, and automated systems that make business feel like smooth sailing.

But it wasn’t easy. And the worst part? “Success” wasn’t always fulfilling.  

So when I say I get you, the creative business owner struggling to reignite your passion when you’re drowning in the day-to-day, I really mean it. But I want more for you -- I want you to be known for your craft. I want you to live your version of success. I want you to unlock the potential you have when you learn to combine mindset, intuition, and practical strategy.

And it starts with aligning your business with your soul.


Stick with me here. For all those years I was growing successful businesses, I ignored the part of me that felt the most real. I rejected the intuitive guidance that was within me and hustled hard. I played by the “shoulds” instead of listening to what my inner voice was telling me.

And because of that, “success” felt akin to burnout.

Then, I asked -- and answered -- my own question. Was my business and life reflecting who I really was?

The answer was easy: Not at all.

I was hiding. From my purpose. From my intuition. From my intended path.

It wasn’t until I did the deep work to align my business with my soul that I experienced true transformation: A business that has me excited to get out of bed every day. A business that allows for all the Netflix and wine I want in the evenings. A business that amplifies my intuition and feels like me.

You define your transformations -- I’ll help you unlock them.

And I want to do it differently than any other coach, guru, or mentor you’ve worked with. To put it simply, I’m an intuitive guide with a knack for practical strategy -- but despite my tendency to incorporate “woo” into my practice, I don’t tiptoe through the tulips; I bulldoze through the bullshit.

It’s with this expert blend of intuitive guidance and dig-in-the-dirt strategy work that I’ve helped clients make more money, in less time, while leading their businesses from their soul.

….And we don’t stop until I hear them say, “this was the best investment I ever could’ve made not just in my business, but in my life, too.”

Creative boss: It’s your turn.

Let’s relight your fire and make magic happen.

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Oh, you want a little more about me? I knew I liked you. Let’s just say this:

I’m a chai-latte-by-day, wine-by-night kind of gal who will always choose sweet over savory.

When I’m not working or chasing my boys around, I’m most likely lost in a good book or completely engrossed in my favorite TV shows (Sophia Petrillo is my spirit animal).

My favorite thing to see in other women is the thing I’m living out myself as an Empath: authentic, unabridged and uncensored ladies who aren’t afraid to truly step into their power as a badass, creative boss babe.

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