3 Quick Business Tips (Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind)

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3 Quick and Easy Business Tips (Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind)

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  3. How to Go About Referrals


Lauren Dragon-Cook: Today we are supposed to be chatting about 3 quick tips and tricks that are guaranteed to blow your mind! I promise you… they will do just that. They are quick and easy to implement. Easy fixes for things in your business.

3 Business Tips Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

TIP #1: Transparent PNG

First tip I want to give you guys… how many of you have ever spent hours trying to figure out how to convert a JPG to a transparent PNG? If you are “what the hell is Lauren even talking about…” that’s okay. This tip is for you! If you are a Mac user, this will be the bomb.com, but if you have a PC… I apologize. I only know how to use this tip and trick for people that have Macs.

If you have a logo and you’re trying to put it on your website and it looks white ALL AROUND… this is a quick and easy way to change that. In the application called Preview, you click the mark up tool and go to the “instant alpha tool”. Click on that and click anywhere you don’t want the color. Click and drag slightly, and you should see a little difference. It should look wiggly. Hit the delete button and it will ask you to convert the document to PNG. Click convert and it will take away whatever layer you wanted gone. It is now transparent. If I were to put this on my website, it will be transparent! It might seem silly but it makes such a difference!

If you want to get rid of all the rest of the small pieces, do the same thing. Click, drag a little bit, delete. Then hit file, export, and save as whatever you want! PNG!

TIP #2: Mail Templates

Second tip, what I wanted to show you is my insane inbox. I am going to show you how to easily use your email signature and apple mail so you can easily access templates. If you are not using a customer relations management tool like Honeybook, then this is going to change your life! Not kidding! If you have the same old templates you use all the time, this will help. You can do this with whatever mail program you use. When you are in your mail you select mail > preferences > signatures. You can literally add in any of the email templates that you’ve used on the regular. I’m not talking the once in a lifetime email you’re going to write. Click the “plus” button and call it whatever you want. Just copy and paste your message. It saves it. So when you go to do a new message, click and drag the email template/signature you just created into any account you know you will use it for. BAM! You can add to it or change it if you need to. But how easy was that? Brand new information!

TIP #3: Determining Your Close Rates

This will be a little more complex. This is all about how to find out where you’re falling short when booking clients. You will need to do some more research, but it can be done. What I would encourage you all to do is in your client contact form, there should be a space in there for them to tell you where they came from. Did they come from Google? Facebook? Referral? Say something like:

“How did you find us? How did you stumble upon us? Who can we give credit to for you finding us?”

 Once you’ve done that, I want you to go back through and look at 2017 and count up all the inquires you had. This is column 1. How many of those were from google? How many were from social media? How many were from referrals? This is just if they reached out to you, not if they booked. Then in column 2, if they booked or not. Did they book for the future? Did they book but took forever to give you a contract? Column 3 is if they did not book you.

This will show you where you are dropping the ball OR how many non-ideal clients you received an inquiry from. Lets say you had 25 inquires for 2017. Fifteen people booked. That means 60% booked from you. The average close rate is 65%. Lets look deeper at why those 10 people or 40% did not book you. If it is because of price, just know they are not your ideal client and that is okay. If they never reached back out to you, that could mean a few different things…

·       You took too long to respond.

·       You didn’t click.

·       They were just price shopping.

Dive in deeper to see where you’re dropping the ball. We want to increase your close rate! The inquires are your life lines. That’s your bread and butter. I offer a free 30 minute chat with everybody, so if you need help looking at your numbers… get in touch with me.

Q + A Time

Q: Would you recommend Facebook ads?

A: Oooo… are you ready? Facebook ads are only relevant if you know what you’re doing. And I will be 100% transparent… chances are you don’t know what you’re doing. And I don’t mean directed towards you… buy in general. You have to be part of the industry that works with Facebook ads in the regular. These ads are like their own island. Its not the norm. You can waste a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s not to say its not a good idea. Maybe set a limit. I would recommend my friend Stephanie Blake. She recently did a campaign who is a wedding photographer. She got insane results for her! Insane! Stephanie knew what she was doing! Being honest… you are not going to get those same results because you don’t do it day in and day out. Definitely look into having someone help you with a campaign. I can help to a certain degree. It is worth it, if you know what you’re doing. You need to know who you are targeting. Sometimes we think we know our ideal client… but we really don’t.


Q: If we get most of our clients from referrals, how do we capitalize on that?

A: Check out the blog for more information.


Q: What are some do’s and don’ts for playing nice in the sandbox with other planners?



Q: What website should I host through?

A: You have to figure out what the best fit is for you. Hop on Pinterest and search “SquareSpace vs Wordpress”. Wix should not be in the equation. If you have a Wix website, that’s okay. Get in touch with me and we will make the best of it! The main difference is SquareSpace is clean, easy to use, all you need in one location. If you are a beginner/intermediate website user/blogger… SquareSpace is the choice for you. Wordpress can get complicated if you don’t know how to code. It can get overwhelming. Do some research.