4 Signs Your Wedding Business Systems May Suck

Yasss! You’re creative heart has decided you want your wedding biz full of organized systems out the wazoo.

Welcome to the dark side, we have color coding. 🤓

But let me tell you something, and realizing this will be game-changing for getting your shit together: systems are like reputations... you have one whether you want to talk about it or not.

The difference is whether you control it.

No matter what, you have a reputation. 

You can ask to be “excluded from this narrative” a la 2016 Taylor Swift, or you can take control of that mofo, a la Taylor Swift right now. 💁🏻 (#micdrop)

The same is true with your systems. Obviously, if you already have a business, you have your way of doing things, so you have the foundations for some systems.

They’re just proooobably a hot mess.

Sure, there’s a chance you’re more organized than you’d realized. But let’s be real. 🙄  

I’m guessing you’ve got some work to do - hell, even I’ve got some work to do, and I’m a badass at this. 😎

So how do you know that you may need to get your systems together? Here are a few signs the struggle is too real...

1. You have more than one “oh shit!” moment a week


You know that feeling. The moment of panic followed by slight nausea and a healthy side of scrambling. 🤢

Because it’s 2pm and you just a remembered an email you promised you’d send yesterday. Or it’s Wednesday morning and you notice you left something at a wedding over the weekend.

Or you realize Thursday afternoon that the deadline you thought was next week was actually tomorrow...so much for watching Scandal. 😂

If you’re having these “oh shit!” moments on the reg, it’s time to step your systems up so you can keep track of what’s going on in your biz.

2. Your inbox is so crowded you just actively avoid it


Oh, those 3,643 unread emails taunting you every morning, noon, and night. At this point, you’ve pretty much accepted that they’ll just ALWAYS be there until the day you or your business dies.

At which point, those unread emails will STILL find a way to haunt you. 👻

So instead of actually trying to get a good email system together, you just avoid email as much as possible. You’ll just scan through the first page of messages once or twice a day, looking for anything important.

I mean, you’re pretty sure you saw all the important stuff… 🤔

This kind of stuff does not end well for your business. Do I need to spell out how that ends up? Because I will.

3. You’ve missed out on a job because it took you too long to respond


I told you I’d spell it out. When your business and inbox is utter chaos, there’s a good chance that at least once, someone’s contacted you to hire you and you didn’t notice it soon enough. 😬

Maybe it took you 3 weeks to see the email among your 500 others and by the time you replied, the couple had found another wedding photographer.

Hell, if your inbox is a mess, you probably don’t even know this is happening.

You may be thinking, “oh, this has never happened to me,” with some side-eye for good measure 👀, while there are half a dozen unread inquiries in your Gmail archive right now.

4. It would take longer than 2 minutes to pull together everything you’re working on

If I asked you to list out every current and upcoming wedding or project on your plate, could you do it?


I get that a busy boss can have too much exciting shit going on to remember it all at once - but THAT’S WHY systems are so important! You should be able to find and figure out everything you’re working on easily - in 2 minutes or less. 👏

You should have a CRM or project management tool...hell, a snack-stained piece of scrap paper that lives in the corner of your desk even works…just *something* that shows you everything you’ve got goin’ on, all in one place.

Consider this step 1 of you intervention. You don’t need to work this way.