Part II: My Start as a Wedding Planner

After Falling

The Twisted Tale of a Most Unusual Wedding Creative

Part Two

So, let’s pick up where we left off shall we? Now, where was that again?

Oh, that’s right… 


I had just dissolved my business relationship with a now former friend whose company I’d helped build into a successful Boston based wedding photography studio with a page one ranking on google, yet in the process had been completely taken for a ride financially and had watched as she raked in a six figure salary, even though I was taking home pretty much a minimum wage whilst being responsible for all the day to day operations that had afforded the business the position it was enjoying in the first place. 

Fun times!

But, enough about that, let’s talk about what happened next…

My new role as a wedding planner started innocently enough. I had already been exposed to the wedding industry while running the photography studio and had initially thought the entire concept of wedding planning was completely ridiculous! 

I guess, looking back, I had never met a DECENT wedding planner before, just a long line of women who had enjoyed their own wedding planning so much that they’d picked up a swatch book, threw a couple of venues and caterers on their speed dial and decided to call themselves a planner. 

When I was asked to step in and help some of the studio’s clients plan their big day, I realized that the very same skills that had been such an asset to the studio were actually what a wedding planner truly needed to be a real professional within the wedding industry. 


I knew I was capable of doing this so I dived in with both feet, a decision that, in hindsight, was probably the best thing I could’ve done as it afforded me a safety net that was invaluable during my transition away from my previous business venture. 

Once I’d put the past firmly where it belonged, I started to really get a feel for my new business, one where I called the shots and could fully reap the rewards of my hard work. I started to gradually build up my client list until I found myself fully booked with weddings straight through the next two seasons with advance bookings well into the future.

I settled into my role and enjoyed my new-found business freedom for a time…

Slowly, however, I began to see a divide appearing. On one side were the so called “professionals” who had taken a hop, skip and a GIANT leap from their own weddings towards being responsible for one of the most important days of a couple’s lives together!

Yeah, good luck with that! 

I was determined to be on the other side of that line. The one with true professionals whose meticulous care and professionalism actually turn wedding planning into an art form of the highest measure.

Over my career as a wedding planner, I have come to realize that good planners are very few and far between. The planning community is overly saturated with brides that planned their own wedding who think they can just pick up where they left off with their own weddings and successfully plan weddings for others.But as all my fellow pros know, that is simply not the case.

You see, even if you entered the wedding industry by chance, like the ‘momographers’ who become professional photographers the day after they pick up a camera, or in this case, the bride who finds her calling as a wedding planner, there is a vast difference between being good at something and being a true professional. 


That difference all comes down to training and level of experience. We all have to start somewhere, but, even the best professionals in the business still tend to refer to themselves as amateurs on a learning journey. 

Wedding planners who do not invest time into developing their passion from a hobby to a real skill through training will never be able to legitimately call themselves professionals. There is always something new to learn and always an extra system they can implement to take their business to the next level to ultimately give their clients the best experience possible.

After all, that’s what this business is all about. To make sure clients have the perfect day, wedding planners must be the one with all the answers, because when you drop the ball with weddings, there is a lot more at stake than a bad client review. A lifetime of happiness is on the line here! 

Okay, that may have been a little dramatic… 


It is quite unlikely that your actions would actually affect a client’s ‘lifetime of happiness’, you’d have to be extremely bad at your job to achieve such a level of infamy, that said, worst case scenarios exist for a reason! Somewhere, at some point in history, they actually happened and with good planning, have absolutely no need to ever happen again!

Long story short – put in the hours people, there is always something extra you can learn to make sure you bring the best version of yourselves to the table.

Tune in next time to hear all about the bane of the wedding industry…