The Best Free Business Investment You Can Make

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The One Area You Should be Investing In, But Aren't

by Shivani Kothari

Not all of us have been in business since the days that dinos roamed the Earth or have money trees growing in our front yards. As an entrepreneur, it can be utterly exhausting and often disheartening knowing that you should be investing time and resources into your business but never quite know where to begin.

Shivani Kothari, owner of VaniKo Designs Weddings and Events, joins us on the blog today to talk about the best business advice she ever received.

The Best Free Business Investment You Can Make

I’m so happy to be joining you here on the blog with all the other wonderful wedding bosses! I would say I’m still fairly new to the wedding industry, but no matter what industry I’ve been in in the past whether it’s in a corporate setting or being an entrepreneur, I have to say I’ve always received this one piece of advice that I really try to consciously practice and hold close to my heart.

Invest in Relationships

Best Business Investment

As an entrepreneur, we’re always thinking about what to invest in financially in our business, but I think it’s just as important to think about how to create and invest in relationships. I used to always think -  yeah, I go to networking events, I’m networking! I’m creating relationships. It is SO much more than that, especially in our digital age where meeting someone once and shaking their hand doesn’t really cut it anymore. 

If you don’t believe me, think about how many times you’ve had this conversation:

“Hi! How are you?”

“Good! How are you?” 

Trust me, I’m 100% guilty too! But, I’m trying to stop doing that because making human connections requires giving a little more of yourself and sometimes even showing your vulnerability. Instead, how about telling someone how your day is going, or what you’re looking forward to, or how you had a rough morning but it turned around! Be real and genuine. It goes far.

Some things I’m currently practicing doing to help grow my own relationships are:

1. Sending a note.

Every time I meet someone new, if I happen to exchange contact information, I try to reach out to them and send them an email within a day or two. This requires being a good listener, including what I enjoyed about our conversation in the note, and seeing what common ground we share or how this relationship could prosper from this moment forward.

Invest in Your Business for Free

2. Leaving your expectations at home.

I think it’s pretty natural to size someone up the first time you meet them but if you think about it - there’s really so many other things that go into your opinion that are completely out of your control like the type of event (professional vs. social) you met at, are guests seated or strolling, etc. that may be causing the other person to act a little different than normal. Maybe they’re nervous, maybe they’re having a bad day, maybe you’re having a bad day, the reasons are endless! I try to walk into every room with a clear head and really listen to what people have to say and I find a few things I really like about them. I’ve been surprised with this one too many times to count. 

3. Separating your busies.

Being an entrepreneur in the wedding industry means doing #allthethings which usually results in some type of multitasking and being busy all the time. If I have a call or meeting scheduled, but I know I really need to be making a floor plan and there’s zero downsides to rescheduling or postponing the meeting, I go ahead and do just that. One of my great bosses once told me, the other person won’t remember when you cancelled a meeting, but they’ll always remember when they came in for a meeting and you weren’t paying attention because you were trying to get your emails out. Both will keep you busy, but give whatever and whoever the attention it deserves.

At the end of the day, it’s partly what you do, but it’s a lot about who you get to do it with. Pay attention to people who energize you, show compassion, and have that “got your back” mentality. Those are the ones who you’ll want in your inner circle and when you’re ready to hire clients, who doesn’t want to be around a group of uplifting people like that?

To talk more on this or for any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me even if it’s just to say hello at!

Shivani is the owner and lead planner of VaniKo Designs Weddings and Events based out of Novi, Michigan. She plans weddings and events for young professionals, conducts private planning sessions, and manages The VaniKo Shop, an online store with downloadable planning resources. She really aims at making the planning process transparent and as easy as possible for her clients from start to finish.


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