3 Unexpected Business Lessons I Learned from a Trip to Target

I'm going to tell you about three unexpected business lessons I learned with a trip that I made to Target and the liquor store. 🎯🍾

Uh huh, yep. This is real life applying to business.

Don't you like how that works? 👏🏻

First Lesson

So the first lesson I actually learned was while I was in the liquor store. If you aren't already well aware, there are two distinct categories when it comes to alcohol: cheap and more expensive.

You can spend like $7 and get a bottle of...what's that vodka called that we all drank way too much of in college...Zhenka? I don't even know what it's called but you can buy it if you prefer the cheap shit or you can spend a little bit more money and get a bottle of Grey Goose or something that tickles your fancy. I don't know about ya'll, but I'm a Tito's kinda girl. 🍸

My whole point is that as creatives within the wedding industry, we tend to devalue ourselves by offering discounts when we really shouldn't be.

Let me fill you in on a little secret that took me a LONG time to learn: people aspire to buy the best, so let them aspire to buy you and your services! You shouldn't be discounting or marking your services down if you're providing a quality product or service.

I don't know about you but every.single.mother.effing time I've ever given anybody a discount - what ends up happening?

They are the biggest pain in the ass client and want you to bend over backwards to do all kinds of extra services for free. Am I right?! Yeah, I know I am on this one.🙅🏻

➙Lesson Learned: don't discount your services.

Second Lesson

The second lesson that I learned happened while taking my long stroll down the aisles of Target. In my small little town, Target is right across the street from the liquor store. #MomsDream 🙌🏻

Anyways, I bumped into a friend of mine that works within the industry as a wedding photographer that I haven't seen in a really freaking long time. We're talking... probably four years.

Bumping into her made me realize that we can so easily get caught up in our businesses because as solopreneurs we're running the whole show, right? But often times we get so caught up that we forget that there are more important things in life than just our business. Working 24/7 is going to burn you out eventually. 🔥

You have to do something that lights you up and makes you happy. We all need a break from the hustle so that we aren't burnt out at the end of the season. Oftentimes it is inevitable especially if you have a fully booked season.

But I digress. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make time for yourself and make time to spend with those people that you love because again life's way fucking too short. The next time someone asks you to grab a cup of coffee and it's the middle of wedding season - instead of saying, "OMG - are you bat shit crazy!? There is no way I can." Say, "You know what, I haven't seen you in a long time and I need to get out of the house and out from in front of this damn computer." 🖥

➙Lesson Learned: Don't get so caught up in your business you forget to make a life

Third Lesson

So the third and a final lesson I learned happened while I was waiting at the register in Target. I was totally eavesdropping on the woman in front of me in line... 

(SIDE NOTE: how the hell can you NOT listen to the person in front of you - it is one of those awkward life moments that you try really hard to pretend like you are interested in the 9832 different flavors of gum on the rack, but in reality you are squeezing your legs trying to prevent yourself from wetting your pantaloons because you took way too long romantically strolling down the aisles when you should have been doing more productive things... like peeing.)

I digress. 

...when the cashier started asking, "Oh, do you have a Target red card?" She immediately closed the cashier down without even listening to anything they had to say. She said, "Nope! I'm all set. Thanks." It was kinda rude but I mean, whatever, she had that whole bitchy vibe going for her anyway. 💁🏻

The lightbulb went off the moment that this newest cast member of Gossip Girl shut down the cashier. It was a missed opportunity for that woman. She could have been saving 5% off every single purchase if she had just linked it to her checking account - it doesn't have to be a credit card. This was a missed opportunity for her to be saving money. 💡

It got me thinking there are so many opportunities in our normal day-to-day lives that we miss if we're not open and looking for them. 👀

If someone is in line in front of you wearing an engagement ring - guess what - they're getting married. Guess what - they're going to need a florist or a photographer so that's an opportunity to strike up a conversation. 

➙Lesson Learned: Don't be so close-minded that you miss opportunities when they present themselves because I can almost guarantee that leads would start falling from the heavens if you just kept your eyes open to opportunity.