Top 30 Books for #GIRLBOSSES + Lady Creatives

Whether you are a fellow wedding planner, spiritual guru, marketing magician or Etsy unicorn, these books all have one thing in common: 

They are meant to make an impact in the lives of women entrepreneurs (#girlbosses) worldwide.

These books are definitely ones that should be on your iPad... or at least taking up space on your nightstand! 

*Guilty* 🙋🏻

I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS looking for a new read. I tend to be very selective with the books I choose to dedicate my time to diving into because let's face it - time is of the essence when you a mom, business owner, wife, and woman!

As a woman who also wears 34 hats in a single day, these books have absolutely helped to not only shape my business but provide greater meaning to my life! 

I encourage you to select your top 3 favorites for when you are searching for your next great read.

So do your future self a favor, and find the perfect paperbacks that call out to you!