The Beginner's Guide to Dubsado: The Best CRM for Wedding Bosses



The journey to organizing and streamlining your wedding biz can be as long and confusing as a crazy sci-fi movie plot, but you’re almost at the finish line!

In my last post, we talked about how to get started building systems for your biz. And that’ll get ya going good. 💁🏻

But once you’ve been rocking the basics for awhile, you become a badass with sexy systems, and you need the tools to match. If you’re using one app for email, one for invoices, one for contracts, and yada, yada, yada, systemizing starts to add up…

In dollars spent on app subscriptions…

In passwords you have to remember…

In browser tabs your poor computer has to keep running at once…

It can be a LOT to handle for you, your wallet, and your computer.


At that point, it’s time to move to a new type of tool: customer relationship managers (CRMs). They’ll be your new BFF.

Today I want to tell you about my favorite one: a handy dandy app that can replace a ton of the tools and to-dos in your wedding business.

Please, meet my love Dubsado.


Dubsado Who? Dubsado What? Dubsado Huh? 

Dubsado is the greatest thing since:

  • Sliced bread

  • Missy Elliott

  • Wine sippy cups

Dubsado is a CRM and business management tool that’s created JUST with creative entrepreneurs like wedding pros in mind.

So if you’ve ever tried another tool and found a bunch of features that made you go, “why would I ever need this?” that won’t happen here. Sooo many of their customers are in the wedding biz that you know they’re thinking of us when they add stuff. 😍

Missy Elliot GIF

It’s love, guys.

It will help you organize all of the moving parts of any job. Things like:

  • Client communication like forms and emails

  • Contracts and questionnaires

  • Invoices and payments

  • To-dos and project management

Yeah, ALL that and a bag of chips.

You can keep it all in one place instead of a zillion different apps, making it so much easier for you and your clients. Then, Dubsado helps you take it to the next level with automated workflows.

Because really, do you want to spend more of your time managing forms and emails or creating magic for your clients?

Why Use Dubsado?

An awesome biz management tool like this is practically like having another full-time assistant working for you.

It organizes all your client communication for you, like an assistant.

It puts everything together in one place for you, like an assistant.

It sends emails, accepts payments, and manages your to-do list for you, like an assistant.

It nags you before important events, like your mother. 😉

And unlike CRMs that serve millions of businesses from every industry, even big corporations with tons of employees and departments, Dubsado FITS your business and knows what wedding pros need in their workflows.

Seriously, I’m obsessed.


Dubsado Help: How to Get Started

Okay, you know me, and you know I don’t get this excited over anything less than awesome.

You’re sold!

How can you get started and put your systems on autopilot?

Step 1: Map Out Your Client Process

The first step, you’ll have already done if you followed my last guide on building simple systems. You need to map out and write down what happens when you work with a clients.

When they decide they’re interested, what needs to happen?

To reserve their slot in your calendar, what needs to happen?

To actually get the job done, what needs to happen?

All the emails to send, meetings to set, and payments to collect need to be organized into a process.

Step 2: Create Templated Assets

Okay! Once you have your process, it’s time to start filling it in with actual materials. Assets like your client contracts, invoice templates, and other boring stuff that needs to happen before the fun starts.

Thankfully (SO thankfully!), you can enter these into Dubsado so you don’t have to handle them yourself. 🙏

Create templated questionnaires, contracts, proposals, packages, and more that Dubsado can handle for you.

Step 3: Write Canned Emails

Now that you have the important assets planned out, you’ll need to write templated emails that send them to your client for you.

For example, the body of an email sending them their contract or invoice.

You can also add in extra emails that aren’t tied directly to other assets to use as check-ins and follow-ups. You can also activate a client portal for them to access all this through, which is fancy AF, to be honest!

Step 4: Automate Your Workflows

Your ingredients are ready, it’s time to throw them all together into the recipe for an automated client system! 🙌

Need some Dubsado workflow examples? Dubsado’s workflow tool lets you create a step-by-step sequence of different actions to perform on autopilot for you.

It’s where the magic lies, and it’s the reason why you won’t have to spend hours writing emails and customizing proposals and collecting questionnaires.


Step 5: Work It Into Your Business

Yay! You have an automated workflow in Dubsado!

Now you have to get your clients into it.

You can use lead capture forms from Dubsado on your website, social media, and more so that anyone who finds you online can enter a workflow.


Trust Me, It’s Amazing

The sooner you start using it, the sooner you can destress your biz as much as possible for your and your clients. And let’s be real, we need to destress these weddings for them!

Do it for them. 😉