Engagement Season is Here!

Creative Boss Life Podcast: Episode 35

Better Put a Ring On It

Engagement Season for Wedding Creatives

Grab your dark roast + join us as we talk all things ENGAGEMENT SEASON and how to set yourself up for success with the surge of new potential clients that will be getting engaged!



Episode 35 Podcast

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Okay, if you are tuning in for the very first time…Welcome! I am Lauren Dragon-Cook, I am the person who made this group that you're in if you're watching it live in the Facebook Community, or if you are listening to the replay, on iTunes or Spotify or anything like that then come join us over here in the Facebook Group!

Engagement and Holiday Season Prep

Today we are going to be talking a little bit about the upcoming engagement season that is upon us. I wouldn’t say it is mostly for the wedding industry but it is centered for creatives to those involved in the wedding world. It’s also applicable to people that have products that they sell, if they have a product based shop for example, you might make personalized coffee mugs. It doesn’t mean you have to be a wedding industry professional however, its kinda where we are going with today’s topic. 

How many of you are ready for wedding season?

Let’s Dive In

According the Wedding Wire and The Knot, there are 10 incredibly popular days that people get Engaged. When do you think those are? A hint: They are between November and February. Here’s a few of them:

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas

  • New Years Eve

  • New Years Day

  • Valentines Day

9 of the 10 most popular days fall between November through the middle of February, with 40% of couples are getting engaged during this time frame. Here are some things you should be thinking about when you are looking at your calendar:

  • What you should be posting and when.

  • Most couples start their planning 7-10 months prior to their actual wedding day. 

  • Your summer wedding clients are going to be looking for their wedding vendors during this time. 

  • This will be the biggest burst you will see of inquiries and people reaching out and searching for their vendors. Now is when you want to start amping up your efforts.

Where Your Focus Should Be

What should you be focusing on, what should you be doing to get you noticed?

One of the biggest things you need to figure out if you haven’t already is WHO is your ideal client. If you truly in your heart of hearts just are kind of taking anyone who books you or you're not sure what your favorite person to work with or your ideal client looks like. Now is the time to figure that out. 

I like to think of this time of year as the Wedding Industry Professionals New Year. Its the fresh start. We are wrapping up the majority of our jam packed full schedule. Now is when you are looking to fill up your calendar for the following season. You want to really make an effort to figure out who your favorite person is to work with. Think of your favorite client. What made them your favorite client to work with? What was so fantastic about them?

Now Let’s Get The Client You Envision Working With!

Direct your attention towards these things before you start creating your content and amping up your marketing efforts to get found. You can’t start creating content without knowing who you are creating content for. 

A few different things you can be doing is repurposing content you’ve already created. Blog posts you've gotten a lot of traffic for. Maybe you have actually tracked what some of your best performing posts on your Instagram or Facebook, those are the ones you want to be recycling. You don’t always have to be creating something new. Don't reinvent the wheel. If you talked about some element of planning back in June or Hiring a photographer or what flowers were in season back then. Re-use it. Theres no reason why you can’t. Just switch it up a little bit. Going through your old content will really save you a lot of time too. It’s stressful enough wondering how you are going to be completely booked. 

Tell A Story

Posts that work really well are stories of past clients. Stories of past clients speak to a lot of different points. Did people have a good experience working with you? OR are you brand new?

They want to make sure they are going to have a good experience with you. The random flashes of past clients will really engage them and bring them in. You don’t have to do testimonials, you could go live on your Instagram or Facebook and talk about your favorite wedding of the season. OR your curveball wedding, you ran out of film, the bride lost her bouquet. How did you turn it around, how did you fix it? These are the types of things people want to see or know how capable you will be if things are thrown at you like this. 

Showing text message testimonials, is raw, its real, its uncut. You can screenshot these and share them on your social accounts. These are things that I talk to so many clients about, they ask if its okay to post things like that? You want to get their permission first. But they are going to let you post it. 

Give Them Valuable Information That Makes You Unforgettable

Hidden tips, hidden tricks. Like what you should be looking for Im not talking about what everyone has on their blogs “5 tips how to find a wedding planner”. I’m talking more about what is something that hasn’t already been done a thousand times. One of your brides or grooms managed to save $7000 by doing this one thing. What did they do, how did they do it? What app did they use? What tool did they use? What website did they use? What different way did they look at it? This is the gold nugget your clients want. They want to know the valuable information that normally they would have to pay someone for. I’m not saying give it all away. They just need to know that if they hire you, you are going to show up and you are going to bring the value. They need to know this and this is how you are going to showcase it without coming across desperate. 

Create A Unique Experience For Your Couple

If you are a photographer, making sure they have things like their wedding invitation the day of the wedding. Maybe creating a What to bring on your wedding day PDF. I’d love to be able to photograph XYZ. These are things that we forget to mention when we are caught up in the swing of things. But its something that clients would love. 

Brand new perfume, brand new cologne. Its going to remind them of their wedding day. Its going to remind them how special it is. It will even make for good wedding photos. Feel free to use these ideas, tag me! Tag #creativebosslife I want to see you using these things!


Use Canva to create a pretty PDF of your lists. Share it! Facebook stories, Instagram Stories. Post it! You will look like a rockstar. This is how you reduce reuse recycle.

You want to be providing content, information, valuable tidbits without any expectation of return. I promise you it will come back.

Really talk about your brand story. People actually care how long you’ve been doing this. Tell it in a story form, What did you do before you were a ______. It makes you relatable. You are coming for a genuine place. Paint a picture of who you are and what you stand for and what you believe in, and what you're passionate about. But make it relatable!

Get Creative!

Some of my favorite engagement sessions are when you randomly decide to hike a mountain. You have ideas, you aren’t just going to take them in another random park. Showcase that you have done this before, its not your first rodeo. You’re not just another testimonial. Showcase your past work in a creative new way. 

Stay on Top of Your Content by Sticking to a Plan

The whole point in coming up with a content plan is really staying on top of mind with them. They are going to be starting to search for vendors. They are possibly going to get engaged in a few months. They are going to remember those little things that you have showcased that they want to feel or experience when they are starting their new journey. 

Repurpose Content!!

You can search Creative Boss Life for Batch Content, 6 Months Worth of Content in a Day, Creating a content schedule. These Podcasts can all help you with ways you can repurpose your content and help you figure out a schedule. You can really only create 4 new pieces of content and you can have it play off of each other. Day 1 on Facebook and then repost with a different image Day 15 on Instagram, etc.

And as a reminder, don’t get so caught up in feeling like you always have to be posting on Instagram. The successful ones are the ones who are engaging on Instagram. You don’t have to be constantly posting! How do you do this? By searching your hashtags and commenting and liking those posts to engage with your ideal clients. It will make you visible to your ideal client.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…to be on top of SEO!!

One thing you should always be focusing on but especially right now is your SEO. How are you going to be found on search? You have to have a schedule to that too. A lot of that comes with blogging and renaming your images. This episode is not for SEO, but this is the time you want to start building your SEO to get recognized and found. I have plenty of free documents I will link for you. Or you can go to https://laurendragoncook.com/courses and I have two courses you can take. 

If you want something short term, social media will do that. If you want something once and get immediate results SEO is where its at. That wraps it up, lets get to our Q & A’s.

Engagement Season

Q + A

Amy: I don’t have much content to repurpose being newer, any advice?

Lauren: Okay so you are going to have to start from scratch. You do because I know you, have styled shoots and photos from past styled shoots. You don’t have to always be talking about past clients you can talk about past experiences in other work place situations. Horror stories that turned out to be okay. It speaks to you and your character and your ability to problem solve. Think of other situations in your life that can play a role in this.

Jamie: Does using something like Hootsuite help to plan and or help to schedule future posts? Is it a timesaver?

Lauren: I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience with Hootsuite. I use Trello, it outlines the content, the ideas that i have and let me schedule my content for Instagram, Facebook, etc. Facebook likes organic content posted straight from your Facebook page, so you can plan outside FB but copy and paste while you are logged into your page. 

Iconosquare is very helpful for Instagram posting. What works best for me is when I plan out my posts on my content calendar. Batch day content episode is money, I will link it because it will definitely help you with this. 

Mia: Does Wix website have good SEO

Lauren: If you had asked 3 years ago this would be a no, but over the last few years it has gotten better. You need to do more than just download a plugin. You have to connect things on the back end that are working together. the initial foundation happens outside your website and then. Its not so much the actual platform it is the setting up behind the scenes that needs to happen in order to get good SEO.

Brittany: I never really realized how much amazing information you have available in the resources area of your website. 

Lauren: Thank you! That makes me so happy to hear. Thats awesome thank you, that makes me so happy and grateful you find it helpful.


I am going to let you guys know as soon as I am 100% finished with the Intuition in your Business Workshop I am putting together. I would love to know what days, what times work well for you. I want to make sure I can do it when many of you are able to watch it live. Look for the poll I will create!

Wrapping it Up

Make sure you post your questions in the Facebook Group! There are so many brilliant people part of this Facebook group but you don’t know each other. Use each other guys! Utilize the resources you guys have. 

The next Live is on October 16th. and then one more October 30. This month is all about Engagement Season, Holiday Season. Let me know what you want to hear!

Thank you for tuning in live and catching the replay, I appreciate it so much. I hope these are helpful. I am always open to feedback, always open to ideas or topics you want me touch upon or talk about, I'm always open to hear about it. Have a fabulous week and I’ll talk to you soon!


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