3 Big Fat Lies About Starting a Wedding Business

Get Real Series

The Lies We Believe When Launching a Wedding Business

by Jackie Curb


Jackie Curb, owner of J. Curb Events Planning + Design Co.,  joins us on the blog today to talk about 3 of the most common misconceptions when you are in the first year of your career or during the launch of a new wedding business. 

3 Big Fat Lies We Believe in Business

I Can Do It on My Own

I’m not someone who is known for asking for help...OK that’s putting it mildly. Unless having help is absolutely required to whatever I am trying to do - I’d rather just do it myself. It’s not that I don’t like having help. It’s just a natural reflex. I’m going to bet that most of you, just like me, started your own business because you knew it was the best chance for achieving your dream salary while doing something you love & being your own boss. Newsflash, there are going to be bumps along the road - especially in the beginning. Don’t let you temporary pride get in the way of long-lasting success. For me, this meant giving myself permission to accept help from others.

3 Lies We Believe When Starting a Wedding Business

When I started my business a year ago, I had some lofty goals for revenue and in turn what I would be able to pay myself. Enter speed bump...rather than being able to match my salary as I had expected when I left my day job at the end of 2017, I was only able to do about half. If I had insisted on being able to match my previous salary and taken on a part-time job (which I almost did) to fill in the gaps, my business would have suffered. Instead, my husband was willing to make the sacrifice of a lower combined income in order to support my journey.

To be clear, this wasn’t done in a will-nilly fashion. If you are asking your family or partner to support a financial commitment and/or deficit - be sure you are willing and able to give them 100% or more in return. You are asking them to sacrifice so be sure you are willing to step up and make achieving results a priority.

While your situation may be very different from mine, I would be willing to bet that there’s someone in your life who would be willing to make a sacrifice to see you succeed. If you find yourself at a crossroads of burdening yourself further or allowing a (willing & able) loved one or friend to bear a portion of your load - accept their offer. Your success is not diminished by being supported by those around you. I challenge you to find a successful entrepreneur who claims to have done it completely on their own.

My Business is Impervious to Basic Market Principles

Real talk - this is something that I see throughout wedding business forums. Let me make something fine crystal glass clear - having good ideas or lots of creativity is not enough. Just because you are the “only” person providing your specific brand of {insert service here} does NOT mean that you will be successful.

If you think that you can enter any market and not take into account the population density, number of weddings happening in the given geographic area (I didn’t), and average wedding budget - you are SO wrong. Can you find all this information and use it to shape your business strategy? For sure. Will it be super painful if you build out your pricing structure and sales budgets without taking a peek (at a minimum) at some local statistics? Oh yeah.

The next part of this might ruffle some feathers - but here it goes. Stop complaining about new entrants and competitors copying you and/or undercutting prices. Just stop. Guess what? Less than 25% of small business last more than 10 years before closing their doors. I am willing to bet that the 75% that fail are primarily:

#3 New businesses that didn’t plan appropriately.

#2 Businesses that started with or shifted to a model focused on copying creative output of others.

#1 Businesses that had a great model and product but spun off course chasing a new entrant or copycat.

It would be ridiculous for a business in any other industry to use these excuses and the same applies to the wedding industry. Yes, you have a creative business with a personal brand. Yes, when you start to advertise there is a good chance someone will decide they can do it cheaper or better.

YOU are responsible for keeping your finger on the pulse of your market, how it changes, and how this affects your business.

YOU are responsible for building a unique selling proposition (that isn’t easily copied). YOU are responsible for attracting clients.

YOU are responsible for presenting your business to prospective clients in such a way that they clearly understand your value over the competition.

I’m Going to Achieve “Work-Life Balance”


If you don’t absolutely LOVE the subject matter of whatever small business you have already started or are thinking about starting - DON’T DO IT! I’ve realized that the real magic of owning my own business is that I got to pick what my days were made up of. Sure, there’s the operational buckets that everything falls into; but the subject matter is something that I am crazy about - weddings and special events. If you aren’t over the moon about doing what you do at least 75% of the time because the big picture just doesn’t excite you - it’s time for a serious review of what you have going on.

Untold Lies of Starting a Business


Because you are the cornerstone for everything in your business. If you are bore, burnt out, or feel burdened by the demands of day to day operations - your business has a much greater chance of failing. This is especially true in a very high touch, highly personal industry like hospitality; specifically weddings and special events.

Sure, we can all set time aside to focus on the other things in our lives but if you are feeling “put out” by having to deal with a business matter during scheduled “off” time - you will never be happy as an entrepreneur.

If you are thinking about or have already started a small business in the wedding industry - be sure to watch out for these 3 lies when planning or reviewing your strategy. There’s no obstacle to success other than yourself. Be a creative, solution oriented business owner instead of focusing on the things that simply don’t matter for your long term success.

Remember, LOVE whatever your diving into and be READY to take responsibility for every bucket of your business. YOU are the only obstacle to your success and have control over your choices and your business.

Jackie Curb is the owner and lead planner/designer at J. Curb Events Planning + Design Co. in Stephenville, TX. She opened her business in March 2017 and graduated with her MBA in December of the same year. Jackie has been in the wedding and event industry for just over five years and enjoys designing unique decor and guest experiences for her clients. She is a adamant supporter of women in business and encourages all people to pursue the true freedom provided by being an entrepreneur. 

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