Manifestation is a GIMMICK!

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Within the online spiritual community, I have been seeing a topic be brought up more and more that I think it deserves to be talked about. And that topic, my friends is why manifestation itself is a gimmick.

The Buzz Word

I feel manifestation has turned into this buzz word and it is beginning to upset me that so many people and “coaches” out there are profiting from teaching you how to “manifest” things. The reason why I feel it is more of a gimmick than anything else is because whether you choose to believe this or not, manifestation is happening every second of everyday for everyone. It is not something you can just be taught. Why? Because it is happening no matter what. All of your reality is manifestation. It has been manifested. It is constantly happening. You are creating your own realities by your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions...

So where you are living… you manifested that. What car you drive… you manifested that. Now maybe its not your dream car or your dream house… and you’re sitting there saying to me “Lauren I did not manifest this **it”. Okay but you did. You did. The reason why it may not be your dream car or dream house is because you didn’t feel that you were worthy enough to have your dream house to have your dream car. You are in a state of mind that wasn’t the highest possible vibration that you could have.

The reality is, there are twelve universal laws out there. You probably have heard of the law of attraction. If you have heard of The Secret… maybe you’ve watched the book or rea the movie… let me know below in the comments. You heard during that book or movie all about the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that no matter what you are attracting what you want because as a attractive magnetic power within the universe that draws similar energies together. The law of attraction is the universe is always drawing similar energies together. It is manifesting through the power of creation and it is happening everywhere in all different kinds of ways. And whether or not you knew this, even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances 24/7. There is never a minute this isn’t happening. 

The thing with manifestation coaches and why I titled this video “Manifestation is a Gimmick” is because it is not like you are manifesting some days and not others. Its not like you are really setting intentions for today and what you want to manifest but tomorrow you took a break from manifesting. That is not how it works.  


First Missed Piece: Law of Attraction

There are two key pieces missed while you start to dive into this whole world of manifestation… the first piece is pretty simple and easy. In order for you to receive money and receive that good good, that abundance you are looking for, you need those days where you rest and reset and purge. The day you don’t do shit. Because in order for you to maintain a higher vibration you need days like that too. You can’t be going full out like the energizer bunny 24/7 and expect to be able to manifest your dreams and desires. Why? Because you are burnt out. Because you are burnt out and in turn that brings down your energy and level of vibration. That is why having those days to rest, reset, recharge, purge… those are so important because what it is doing is helping to maintain that high vibration, that high frequency. If you feel what I am saying right now is a load of BS and you’re like, “No I don’t need those days to rest, I’m always in a good mood, I’m always running high”, the reality of that is no. You can’t. Its balance. The law of attraction similarities attract similar thoughts, beliefs, things… if you are going to be burnt out, guess what you are going to attract? Less than ideal shit. Right?

The whole premise of why I wanted to do this video is because I saw a couple of days ago in my social media, “I have this secret and I’m going to teach you how to manifest exactly what you want. Buy my program, buy my course, buy my workshop”. I can’t tell you how much that annoys the shit out of me and how much I want to send them a message and just be like “Listen, what you’re doing and monetizing is something that is already happening. And so what you are doing is you are leading people to believe that they are doing something wrong. You are leading people to believe that they are missing the key piece of how to manifest things.” The reality is, you are already doing it.

Positive thoughts are going to bring about positive experience. Negative thoughts will bring about negative experiences into a person’s life.

Second Missed Piece: Law of Vibration

The second missed piece that is very much missing is the fact that another law isn’t spoken about as much as it should be and that is the law of vibration. The law of vibration simply states that your personal vibration is going to attract similar experiences. So if you are feeling really down, depressed, negative… whatever. And trust me! We all have our days, this isn’t to say you have to be Positive Polly of every second of every day… that’s just not reality. That is not real life. In whatever bubble you are living where there are frolicking unicorns and rainbows, and leprechauns, let me know because I’d like to visit. But the reality is you are not always going to have good days and that is okay. You are not doing something wrong. The beautiful thing about universal laws is that they are forgiving. They are forgiving. If your intention to maintain a high vibration and intention is present, it is okay. That means that you are still going to have those off days and everything will still be fine.

What I am trying to say too is the reason you may not be manifesting all of your dreams, desires, hopes, and wishes is because your personal vibration is too low. There is truth in seeing those bumper stickers or sweatshirts where is says “Good Vibes Only”. There is truth to that. It’s a little ridiculous because lets me honest nothing is positive all the time. But that is part of the beauty because without feeling the lows you are not going to feel the highs. That is how the balance happens. But the lower vibration you are running at, the worse you are going to feel. Everything is energy. Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs. So if you are feeling depressed, sick or shameful and guilty… it is not just in your head. Because that is truly your vibration. That is your frequency.

All of the pieces that comprise manifesting exactly what you want, are what you have yet to learn. You are manifesting your reality every single second of every single day. What you are not manifesting is your dream life. Your dream whatever. Abundance. Your dream car. Your dream job. Your dream partner. The reason why those things are not coming into your reality, into your field, is because your vibration needs to raise up. You need to raise that vibration. And along with that you may need to become a little bit more clear on to how to set those intentions. You may need to understand and remember that not everything is about the law of attraction. You have to remember there are twelve universal laws out there. They all play a role in manifestation.

To Sum It Up!

This is why I am saying to you manifestation is a gimmick… once you understand the principles and universal laws, you are going to begin to manifest things that are in your highest good. If you continue to have crap days, you are going to have crap experiences.  It is never too late to begin manifesting that which you want. It is never too late to begin manifesting that which you want. Today is halfway through the day… I would start fresh tomorrow. Try to maintain and raise your vibration. There are plenty of ways you can do this and these are the types of things I am going to be talking more and more about within our community. Within the “Rooted Connection”.


If what I am saying to you is resonating and if you are like “okay, this makes manifestation so much more simple, what am I missing”… don’t forget the law of vibration is one law that isn’t really talked about that plays a major role in manifestation. AND maybe you need to become clearer on how you set those intentions.

If what I am saying is resonating with you, maybe it is really striking a chord and hitting home. Maybe you have also seen someone telling you out there “I am going to teach you how to manifest”… girls please! These people right here, right now, watching this video are already manifesting. You are manifesting your every waking moment, your existence. You just need to learn how to tweek it a bit to manifest that which you want.

If this is resonating with you, please share this message, share this video, tag a friend this needs to hear this. That is how we are going to be able to spread this message and really dispel those illusions and stories that are out there right now in the spiritual community especially, but if one top of that you are feeling stuck and feeling in a place of not knowing how to move forward, not knowing how to raise your vibration, not knowing how to really begin… you have two options. You can go about it yourself. You can go on Youtube and find those meditations and different things to raise your vibration or you can contact me and we can work one-on-one and I can give you tools, tricks, and information on how to go about that.

Or maybe you are more of a DIY person. Maybe you want to really put your pen to your paper and you want to go about it yourself… have at it! We have a space for that too. It is called the “Rooted Connection”. The doors are currently closed, but I would highly encourage you to get on the waitlist. That way you can go ahead and sign up to know when the doors will be re-opening but I will also give you information on how we can talk and go ahead to discuss how you can manifest what you truly do want, not what you don’t want. 

I hope this information was helpful. I hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday. I really feel we are going to be changing the game with what just kind of went down here. I am really excited for that.

Sending you so much love. Please share and tag this video. I have a feeling it will spread far and wide and I am setting that as an intention for manifesting in my reality. I hope you have a fantastic beautiful rest of the day and I will be seeing you later this week for our weekly card reveal.

I cannot thank you guys enough for being part of this incredible community. As always, if you have any questions you can always reach out. It is about to get lit and it is about to get real and I hope you stay along for the ride and if not, I wish you nothing but the best and nothing but the most success possible.

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