My Spiritual Awakening


The Story of My Awakening

Things might get a little vulnerable because I am going to share my story with you all.

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Today is about me and my story. It is an interesting one, for sure. I am telling you guys this because I have seen a lot of people saying that intuition you have to be either a mythical unicorn to tap into it or you have to be born psychic and that is not true. I am living proof of that.

My story is going to be similar to a lot of yours and that is why I really wanted to share this with you today. Having “the gift” isn’t something we are all born with. I was of this mentality too. I always used to think you were born psychic or born with all of these crazy things… you could see dead people straight out of the womb. How scary would that be? Could you imagine?

I am 31 years old. I have been “awake” since 2013. It hasn’t been that long in the grand scheme of things. Its been 6 years. I went to college for Psychology. I got my degree and a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Oddly enough, the majority of empaths or psychics that come into their gifts later on in life aren’t really sure what they want to major in, so the majority of them major in psychology because something just resonates with them… human behavior. I find that interesting… that is so true! I had no idea why I wanted to learn about psychology and all of the things.

I thought I was going to become a guidance counselor or I thought I was going to be a professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. That was where my heart was. At the time, upon my senior year I was actually married. I had a practice marriage. Yes, praise to the practice marriages! Right around the end of my fall semester senior year, my partner at the time said “mmm I don’t love you anymore”. Yeah… so as you can imagine my entire world got flipped upside down. I was supposed to go and visit Clark University a week after he told me that and I remember having to write the professor of the program and say “I’m so sorry my life has drastically changed”. I thought my world was over. Looking back now, it was the universe intervening. 

Straight Outta College

I graduate from college, I get a divorce, I am all the things. I start working at a bank because straight out of college, how many of us got a job? If you did I want to know because you are a freakin’ unicorn. I started working at a bank and then very shortly there after I went into direct sales. I wasn’t very happy, let’s just say. That is putting it very lightly…

2012 rolls around and I begin working for a Boston wedding photographer who also happened to become my very best friend very quickly. For those Grey’s Anatomy fans out there she was the Christina to my Meredith. She was my person. It is very interesting to me because I had never had this strong of a connection with anyone ever. I had had really good friend sin high school and college but never had that type of soulmate best friend level connection. I start working 2012 with her. February 2013 this is where it gets good.

The Night It All Changed

I accompany the wedding photographer and the second shooter to a wedding. We were the three best friends. I go to this wedding and the mother of the bride, we knew going into this, was psychic. She was a world renowned psychic. She did readings for celebrities. The wedding happens and nothing “odd” happens. It was relatively a normal wedding day. At the end of the night we are packing up our stuff and she happens to come back into the room. Picture a two level wedding venue. A beautiful old rustic finished barn. She comes back to her table which is on the first level and grabs her purse. In order for her to come upstairs to us she had to make a point to go up these stairs. She says, after coming up to see us, we are the only ones left… she says “Who here knows Flo? Who here knows Florence?” I immediately burst into tears. MY grandmother who pretty much raised me, she was my maternal figure, had just passed. Just shy of a month prior. As you can imagine, for those of you who have lost your mom… I apologize. I personally haven’t lost my mom but I have lost my maternal figure and that is the worst. The worst.

So as you can imagine, I’m doing what I’m doing right now… and here we are 6 years later. Just imagine that fresh. She says “She is here with you. And she wants you to know she is okay. She didn’t suffer. She is at peace.” Now quick backstory, my grandmother has polio. She actually wore a brace her entire life. One leg was so significantly shorter than the other that she couldn’t walk without this brace. At the end of her life, she had very severe dementia and Alzheimer’s. She wasn’t really there. So I always wondered if she was present. As you guys know, it wrecks havoc on your entire family. She was able to come to my second wedding, my real wedding. She was able to meet Liam, my oldest son. SO that I am grateful for. And that is something the mother of the bride said to me. She answered that question because it was something I had always wondered. She knew who Liam was. The mother of the bride said to me, “you are doing a wonderful job raising Liam and she sees that. She is so proud of you.” If someone at that moment could have given me a million dollars or the confirmation that my grandmother was able to meet Liam… I would’ve said fuck the million dollars. I don’t want it. That’s how important it was to me.


You Have the Gift

So anyway… obviously she had my attention at this point. Obviously I am listening to everything this woman is saying to me. She goes on to talk about some things that I would’ve only known about with my grandmother. Like the secret stash of Werther’s. Just little things. She goes on to tell my friends Jess and Erin about them. She actually predicted that my friend Erin was going to have twins, blonde haired twins a boy and a girl. And if you knew Erin at that time she had a daughter, she was older, she was good! She was good with that child train. Babies were not in the forecast. So she laughed it off. It came true. All of that happens and then towards the end of the conversation that has completely blown me away. She just looks at me and kind of stares at me. She just looks at me and says to me, “You know you have the gift, right?”. And I just look at her like what the hell are you talking about. Christmas is over, its February… my Ian is buying me a Valentines day gift? You have to give me some context here. She looked at me and said, “I want you to do a quick exercise with me. I’m thinking of my very best friend, her name is Pam. I’m picturing her in my mind. I want you without thinking about this, I want you to explain to me what she looks like... go”. Without any hesitation I said, “well she is about my height. She is a little bit heavier set. She has brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes”. And so this woman, just looks at me and smiles. And she said “That’s Pam”. I honestly at that moment didn’t really know what had just happened. Was I on a game show? Like what is even happening right now? She said, “You have the gift you just need to cultivate it and learn it”. And I of course didn’t know how to do that. And she didn’t know that I’m a wicked nerd and I love learning. So she opened Pandora’s box on this one.

Change of Trajectory

I just want to thank her. I know this isn’t directly towards her, but I hope to someday just be able to give her the biggest hug. Embrace her, and just say thank you. Thank you for changing the trajectory of my life. At that time I had very bad postpartum. I was kicking myself thinking I was this terrible person because here I am taking anti-depressants. I will never forget her saying to me, “I work with a lot of clients and I am able to help a lot of them get off medications. You are one of a handful of people that I want to say to you… you need your medication. You are not you without your medication”. I didn’t say anything to her! I didn’t prompt her. She knew nothing! She knew nothing about me guys! How is that even possible?

That is 2013. I continue working for the Boston wedding photographer. I continue working with my best friends. And then towards the end of 2015 my intuition really starts to get strong. Now mind you I’ve been reading the books, I’ve been pulling cards, I’ve been getting crystals here and there. Doing all the things kind of secretly, under the radar. People don’t know publicly. Only those closest to me… my husband and my two best friends. 2015 I get this intuitive nudge if you will. It is hands down the hardest reality check I have ever received in my life. If you had said to me, back in 2015, you are never going to talk to your two best friends ever again. You are no longer going to work with them. Your life is about to change… I would have said you are full of shit and you need to get yourself checked.

That is exactly what happened. I had been getting these nudges that I needed to leave. I needed to quit. I needed to go out on my own. I didn’t want to acknowledged it. Reality is, would you want to say goodbye to your best friends for the rest of your life? No! I kept getting these promptings and they kept getting stronger and then finally the universe… the divine intervened and made it happen. So I went from having a get a job, two best friends that I couldn’t have given my left leg to have better ones… all of these things… and then it happened. I felt like my world had been flipped upside down. But I can tell you what… if I didn’t have those intuitive nudges telling me this is about to happen… I don’t know what that whole situation would’ve looked like for me. I’m sure I would’ve picked up the pieces, but how would that have looked? It was hard enough as it was.

That was the beginning of 2016. Then I immediately transition to becoming a wedding planner. It was what I was already doing essentially. It just made the most logical sense. A year in, I have all of these clients come out of nowhere. Its not like I had money to be marketing myself. I finished my very first year with 8 clients. Who does that? I went into the following year almost completely booked. That doesn’t happen. I have many friends that have been in the industry for years and they are like… it took me a year and a half to actually get a client or whatever! But I realize within that first year I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy and I didn’t know why.

I do some digging and soul searching. I realize what was lacking was my ability to really help and serve people at the level I wanted to serve. For me that meant helping business owners with behind the scenes of their businesses. Helping them figure out how to set it all up and make it all work. I use this analogy all the time… just because you are a world renown photographer, doesn’t mean you know how to be the CEO of a company and vice versa. If you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to take an award winning photograph. Right? That is what I felt I had come to do. So Wedding Boss Life is born. Here I am helping all of these amazing wedding professionals, teaching them about marketing and systems and SEO. Something is still missing. Now mind you, I could have quite honestly just been like “no its find, I’m loving what I’m doing”. But I didn’t, because I knew the reality of when you get those subtle nudges is coming for a reason. I knew there was a reason. I started to lean into it more, instead of being scared of it. What that ended up doing was one full year after me launching Wedding Boss Life, on a LIVE… I feel this push. That is the only real way I can describe it. I feel this push to tell the world that I am intuitive. Now this is something I have kept hidden to myself for the last 5 years. This is only something I know about. For those of you who have ever had to step outside of your comfort zone, who have ever had to come out of the closet (per say) in whatever way, shape, or form that looks like for you… whether that is coming to terms and reality with what your passions truly are, what you really want to do for business, the truth surrounding your sexual orientation… it doesn’t matter. You guys know that feeling of fear and worry of judgement and utter “Oh my god I am never going to be able to put this coat back on me”. Once I step out that door gets locked. I can’t play it safe anymore. 

So thank you universe for allowing me to embrace that change because I was able to go LIVE and I did an energy forecast for the week. The response to that was something I will never ever forget. It was me coming out of the closet and I had so many people that either had an inkling or loved every facet of who I was and embrace me and they were so supportive and that is when I truly felt like my life has just changed completely and there is no going back. 


The Transformation

So that is how this has kind of come about. I went from being a business coach, if you will, but before that was a wedding planner, before that I was a studio manager, and before that I had owned my own business. I went from being all of the logical, all of the systemic, all of the rational… and quite honestly being viewed as the smart girl. I graduated 10th in my class. I graduated suma cum. I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m telling you this because I value intelligence and I value education and I value learning. But now I just flipped the friggin’ script and I just came out March 2018 and I say to the world “by the way I am an intuitive” and that was it. I began to incorporate it more publicly into my work. Before if you worked one-on-one with me, it kind of slid under the door. I still was very scared and afraid. The reason why I really want to drive that home, is because that feeling of the unknown, not knowing what is to come, is life. Its business. Its relationships. Its everywhere. When we play it safe, because if we can’t control certain elements of a situation we look for the safety factor. That is what we do as humans. That is what we do as entrepreneurs. Even though being an entrepreneur there is no telling what is going to happen form day to day, we play it safe. That limits us and our growth. It limits the possibilities for the universe to show up and deliver. 

So people will come to me and say things like, “oh I don’t know where I’m going to get my next clients. I don’t know how to price my services. I don’t know how to market”. But the reality of it is they are shutting themselves off from possibility.

Any time someone, a business coach lets say in the online world, proclaims to have the answers to solve all of your business woes. Just want to let you know, what they are providing you is essentially a bandaid to a broken knee. It is essentially receiving a cast over a wound that goes form your shoulder to your arm. It is not what we always need because we are not always getting to the root of the problem. I want you to understand that my story is no different than yours. It is no different. It is just a matter of listening and acting upon that.

That brings us to today. That brings us to here and the now. Now I am an intuitive business coach. I incorporate all of my gifts and all the things. That way you are getting the most well rounded perspective on your life and your business. 

It took me awhile to get to this place. I wouldn’t have been able to tell it so publicly if you had asked me to do it even a few months ago. It is exposing part of yourself that is who you truly are, but you are exposing it to the world and saying “I don’t give a **** if you judge me or not”. 

I cannot thank you guys enough for being part of this incredible community. As always, if you have any questions you can always reach out. It is about to get lit and it is about to get real and I hope you stay along for the ride and if not, I wish you nothing but the best and nothing but the most success possible.

Imagine being able to confidently approach your business from a place of power and certainty. 

Imagine having absolute confidence in what you’re creating and how it’s going to benefit your tribe. 

Want more results without another “Strategy” or Laundry List of Fluff? Intuition! THAT’s the missing link!

So if you want to MASTER this so you can actually navigate your life and business with ease, certainty, and confidence… 

Let me take my 6+ years mastering tapping into this Inner Road Map we call intuition, and just give you the EXACT steps you need to get started NOW! 

No more guessing.

No more trial-and-erroring a million different new strategies and systems.


When you learn HOW to master tapping into your own intuition and the innate wisdom that lives within you, you’ll confidently navigate your business in a whole new soul-centered kind of way.
— Lauren Dragon-Cook

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