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Pinning with Purpose

Our resident Pinterest guru, Sandi Griffith, shows us how to successfully use Pinterest to drive traffic (and LEADS) to your website!

Pinning with Purpose featuring Sandi Griffith

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Lauren Dragon-Cook: Hi guys! Without further ado… this is sandi. I’ve known Sandi now for… oh I don’t even know…

Sandi Griffith: Probably six or eight months.

Lauren: Yeah! Awhile! That works. Sandi…. You know when you meet someone and you just hit it off and you just know if you lived closer you’d be hanging out in your jam jams and letting eachother’s kids beat eachother up. This is that! She is amazing at what she does. She does social media. She has worked for herself, she is now part of a trio of amazing lady bosses that offer all kinds of services for creatives. Her jam is Pinterest! She is going to drop how wedding creatives can start using Pinterest more to start leveraging traffic into your website. And turning that traffic into leads and clients… Pinterest is not considered asocial media platform necessarily. More of a search engine. People don’t understand that and they don’t use it as they should. So without further ado the floor is yours! Have fun!

Sandi: Thank you so much for having me! I own my own virtual company that specializes in social media. I did just join two other lady bosses, we opened our own business that goes into a lot more depth and we’ve built courses. That is a whole different company, so if you really want to up-level, that is the place to go. 

What is Pinterest?

Let’s talk about Pinterest! It is a visual search engine. Not a social media platform. You’re not going to make friends and groups and constantly talk to people. When you are doing Pinterest the biggest thing people make the mistake of is having their personal and business combined. We all want to look up our own DIY stuff for our home, even though we are running our own business. You do that and you confuse your audience. So I recommend separating the two. If it is personal you should just hide it or start a separate account. It keeps your business aligned with what your clients are looking for. Yu don’t want to confuse them.

Cover Boards

You want people to land on your coverboard and know exactly what you do. I land on Lauren’s Pinterest and I know this girl is a wedding genius! I have to hire her!

Lauren: I don’t know if I would go that far… but okay!

Sandi: You want you first board to be ONLY your stuff. They know by going to Sandi’s Pinterest it is going to be all of her advice on that first board. All the other boards will be something you’ve repined and all of your content.

Pinning with Purpose

That is how Pinterest works! It is visual! You want capturing images, with titles that scream “I want to click on this!” Great way to build your email list for any business. Maybe you are in law… you are a lawyer… you can build your email list this way. People will click on it and it will take them back to your website. They are opting into something… and four or five months later… BOOM you are going to have a new client!

Lauren: That is so true. You all know, I am very transparent. When I first started… how the hell am I going to start attracting my people? How am I going to start building my email list? I’ve noticed that the majority of my clients and people who I have connected with come through my Pinterest! It is crazy, it still blows my mind. 

Traffic: Guiding People to be your Clients

Sandi: One thing I love about Pinterest is you get to choose where you are driving your traffic to. So I create an image and I have to make a website that people are going to when they click on that image. I can choose my website, I can choose my blog, my Facebook, my Intstagram. I get to choose what my clients are going to and what they are going to look at and receive when they get there.

Lauren: Yes! There is a lot of terminology you may not know… so feel free to go to Pinterest and look and what we are talking about.

Stay True to You

Something you want to do if you are not doing already doing it, is on your profile page… be directing people to where you want them to go! Go grab this freebie, go grab this thing! Not only are they going to learn who you are… but you are adding them to your email list. A great place to talk about who you are and what you do, is right here! Make sure you also add a link for them to sign up. You want to bring something to the table that no one else does. You will have your own flair on it! And it people find you on Pinterest, that means they are attracted to something you are doing anyways! Just because people have done something similar before, doesn’t mean you can’t!

Sandi: There are hundreds of pictures out that! But they want me… I am loud, I am high energy, and I curse a lot! An ideal client that curses and wants a badass Pinterest board, they aren’t going to go to the other gurus. Make sure you own who you are when you create this stuff. Stay in your zone because that is what your clients want.

Where to Get Started

Lauren: What are some common things… if someone is just getting started on Pinterest, what would you recommend?

Sandi: Find your keywords first! When you create boards, when you create pins… you want your keywords! Here is a secret on how to find these. Go into the search tab on your computer. Type in whatever you want to focus on… so photography! It comes up with keywords for you! It is telling you what words to use. Then create your sentences from these.

The more generic you are in the search engine, the more words will come up. This will do the work for you!

Lauren: I love Pinterest more than Facebook! You are not only learning something and wasting your time… but it is prettier! Lets say you are a photographer and you are trying to figure out what your ideal client is looking for… it is right here! You have about 150 ideas! You can have a board that is for boudoir outfits, for boudoir in the bedroom, hair and make up ideas for boudoir shoots…

Sandi: When you add a description you want to stick around the 300 characters. It will get long, but just use a bunch of run on sentences that are using all of these keywords so you are picking them up every time! You always want to do a call to action…

  • Repin for later!

  • Comment on what tips you have!

  • Click here for more ideas!

CTA’s are so important for that. You are telling people what to do and as humans you like to follow directions… some of us!

Lauren: Me.. not so much! But that is why we are moms and drink copious amounts of wine.

So 300 characters for your description, does that apply to boards as well?

Sandi: Yes. Your board description allows 150… but you want to use it to the MAX!

Client Work Flow

Lauren: Lets walk you through a typical client workflow on your page.

Sandi: I as a client… I know I want to do some sexy stuff for my husband. So I’m going to google sexy military photos. If you followed those directions… your stuff will pop up! If they have a good description, they are telling me what to do, I will probably click on their website because I want to see more of their photos. People will see the pictures and if it is a thumb stopping graphic… they will click on your site. That is where you should have an opt in. Have a newsletter! Have a link for a Facebook group. You want to build a relationship with them. People don’t go to Pinterest or Facebook to buy… they go to get relationship and ideas. After the relationship they buy.

Lauren: They key element you don’t want to miss… you want to reel them in! They are going to get to know you. 

Sandi: Do not loose them! If they are clicking on your image they like you and you do not want to lose them.

Lauren: There is a natural progression… a natural work flow, you want your clients to go through when they find you on Pinterest.

Do you think the end result should be to re-pin something? Or they are going to a website listed with that pin?

Sandi: You want them to go to your website. You want them to like your stuff so much and grab it that they are running to your website because they want more of you. They are clicking on your pin… you want those people! They are going to buy from you… 3, 4, 5 months down the road.


Lauren: Think of interest as the place they are going to first meet you. What content and information is going to be enticing to them? What are they searches they are doing? Bring them in!

Tip! Long Pins are what get re-pinned the most.

Sandi: 728x1400 is perfect. The longer the better. People love visual! Don’t just have someone’s face… literally do different graphics. Step 1 for wedding planning, Step 2, Step 3, with fun little graphics.

Go into detail on what you are going to get from each blog and each posting. Remember those keywords!

Lauren: What is a rich pin?

Sandi: If I am on Lauren’s website and I like a blogging title she has, I don’t have to put the title on Pinterest… it just appears. I will drop the link for applying to get rich pins. It takes 2-3 days… but it helps to verify your site.

Lauren: You want to make sure your website is verified because it trickles down! If you don’t have your website verified, your Pinterest won’t be verified.

Sandi: If you website is verified on Pinterest and pull your analytics, you can see which pins are being clicked on the most. You can see what images are capturing your audience. You can create future graphics around what you know your ideal client likes.

Lauren: Now if you are super mind blown right now… Sandi has a course!

Sandi: I have two courses, one is free and the other is $27.00. Each day it will give you prompts and walk you through on how to create graphics, how to get rich pins, how to get your site verified… STEP BY STEP!

Lauren: You are a wealth of Pinterest information, Sandi!

Sandi: I love Pinterest! I’m on it all the time. But again, you want to separate your personal from your business. When you re-pin you want to be conscious of what you are re-pinning. Stick to colors that are close to your theme. If something doesn’t fit that, don’t re-pin it! Remember, Pinterest is all visual.


Lauren: Because I had 450 followers from my personal, what I did I converted my personal page to a business page, BUT I made all of the boards relevant to me all secret. That way people can’t see them. But what it automatically did was keep all the people in my circle I wanted to keep. You have to do what works for you!

Sandi: We are in the society now where we all want to be loved. We want hundreds of likes. We want followers. I can have thousands of followers… but if they are not my ideal clients they aren’t going to re-pin my stuff and comment. Don’t worry about the numbers… worry about having the right people! Across the board. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest!

Closing Remarks

Lauren: This has all been SO freakin’ helpful! Mark your calendars because Tuesday March 27th we will be bringing all of the lady boss collective.

Sandi: We do everything from blogs, newlestter, course creation, work books, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest! Everything! We are a wealth of knowledge on all aspects.

Lauren: Even if you don’t have the ability to pay for outsourcing… the amount of time and sanity outsourcing will save you, is SO worth it!

Next week’s coffee chat is all about batching content. I will show you how I managed to over the course of a day nail out a ton of content. Also how to disperse it amongst your platforms.

I will make sure you have all of Sandi’s info! Get in touch with her!

Sandi: Drop me questions, get in touch with me! Thank you for having me!

Lauren: Have a fantastic rest of your week, have a fantastic Tuesday!

Q + A

Q: Is having a Facebook Group as well as a blog valuable on your website?

A: That is up to you and how much time and dedication you have. You can have a Facebook group, but if you don’t have the time to put into it… you will hurt yourself. You can do just as much from your blog and website. If you don’t have the time… don’t do it!


Q: Do you see people linking their Instagram posts to their Pinterest?

A: I do recommend doing it! It drives traffic back and forth!


Q: How do you attract local people that will lead to local sales?

A: On your Pinterest you wait to have your location. You can go into settings and do that. Use that location as a keyword!


Q: Have you found it successful to link your Facebook to your Pinterest?

A: Yes. Tell them where you are sending them! If that is where all your information is at, they want to find that.


Q: Do you automate Pinterest?

A: You can! You need Tailwind. The more you pin, the bigger following you will get. I recommend pinning 30-50 times a day. No one has time for that shit! If you join groups and tribes, this will help. I will post more information on Tailwind below. 


Q: In promoting a local venue on Pinterest, should I be posting just about the venue or local florists, cakes, etc?

A: No! Get that local stuff in there! Support local. Do the venue, but get others in there. It is all about community. 


Q: Should we have tips in the pictures as well? Or just photographs?

A: People are always looking for tips! That is why they are going on Pinterest. It is a search engine! It is the prettier version of Google!


Q: What is the rule of thumb about pinning your content and re-pinning others?

A: I say 40/60. Pin 40 of your own, and 60 of others. You will hear all different numbers, this is why you want to look at your analytics so you can find what is best for YOUR company. Sharing is caring. Pinterest karma is a real thing.