How to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO

Talk It Out Tuesday: Coffee Chat

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO

Grab your dark roast and your headphones. We will be sipping coffee and chatting about: how to use social media to boost your SEO!

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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO

Lauren Dragon-Cook: Happy Tuesday! Thank you for joining me. Today we are doing our second coffee chat! Every Tuesday in the business of being a wedding creative group, we will be drinking coffee because it is my favorite past time and we will be chatting about whatever the hell we want! Its our group! We can do whatever we want! We will be chatting about how we can get our social media to work harder for us and helping to get us found with our SEO.

If you have no idea what I just said… that’s OKAY! First things first… we might have some planners, photographers, florists, hair and makeup, officiants. This can be customized to all of you!

#1 Blog Posts

When you are on your Facebook page and you have done a wedding and you want to post photos of that wedding… what do you normally do? 

  • Do you normally just put up some photos?

  • Do you make an official post with details?

  • Do you us hashtags?

You might be missing out!

Rule of thumb #1: hashtags should be left for Instagram and Twitter.

If you were to talk to some gurus in social media land… they will tell you using hashtags on Facebook is a no no. When you are writing a blog post for yourself, you are going to be getting so much more traffic to your website if you are directing people there. How do you do this? If you are already making a post on Facebook, then it doesn’t take much more effort to do that same thing but in a blog post. You are still writing something.

But what you should be doing is directing them to a blog post because how many people are going to go to a person’s wedding? 100? 150? 200?

Those people are seeing you on social media only about 40% of the time… IF you are tagging them in it. Because not everyone from the wedding is connected to your Facebook page or seeing your posts. BUT what they are going to see is if you do post one or two photos to your Facebook page AND you include a link to a blog post… you are driving ALL PEOPLE to your post. But also the couple will be telling their family members…

“Oh my god we are famous! We are famous! We are on a blog!! Check it out!”

So they will be sharing this blog with people. What would you rather have? Be social media famous and get all the likes? OR would you rather be famous on your website and getting hundreds of people checking out your site on the regular? Don’t think of social media as… “no one likes my post” or “I only have 200 likes”. Think of it as social media as the bridge. There is a major gap because people are lazy. Lets be honest! If you follow somebody in Instagram do you always automatically follow them on Facebook or Pinterest? No. 

It’s the same thing for your clients, your couples… they aren’t going to “like” you in all the places. And that’s okay! So think of social media as a way of bridging the gap. The end goal is always your website. Always! Regardless of whether or not you’re proud of it… because your website is your home base. That is what Google is looking at when it comes to search results. That is what it is ranking you on. What I want you to start thinking about is our website should be the end goal. This is where we want to drive people. Whether it is a blog post or launching a rebranding… you always want to have an end goal of connecting them to your website.

This might take awhile for your brain to readjust because we have been taught we need all the “likes”. So not only are you showcasing the wedding to the couple, but you’re showcasing it to future couples and the photographer. You’re helping to boost your SEO rankings. The more people that start visiting your site, Google will say:

“How did she get popular all of the sudden? Well I need to start showing her most in search results.”

You will start getting found for your key words. It’s a two-fold.

#2 Location, Location, Location!

Simple addition. Nothing new. When you are on Facebook and Instagram primarily, you want to be making sure you are adding a location. You are tagging a location. If someone in Boston I looking for a Boston wedding planner (maybe they are a client or another vendor that wants to start networking), how are they going to find you? They will be looking at hashtags.

I want you to think about where is the closest city to you and start using that with your hashtag. Start to type in “Boston wedding planner”, and how many hashtags are on “Boston wedding planner” vs “Boston wedding planners”? You want to make best use of those hashtags. So whichever one has more, is the one you are going to use.

Also tagging your photos… on Instagram you can click on the photo and find location. If your business doesn’t show up.. tag it. Tag the venue of the wedding. Tag the state. When couples start to look for either venues or vendors, what are they going to do? They are going to do a search for a location.

I’ve gotten some of my best couples just tagging my photos and having the location as something local. Because people would go on Instagram and see what photos they were tagged in.

If the location that you want to tag isn’t showing up, there is an easy way to do that. If it is your business, do a google search for “adding Facebook location”. It is a matter of going to Instagram, adding the location, and Facebook verifies it. 

#3 If This, Then that

Do you have all of your social media accounts linked to automatically post your photos or blog posts whenever you submit them? Keep doing this if it is working for you. 

Look up “If this… then that”. Any time you post on Instagram there are different “droplets”. It is saying IF this person posts on Instagram THEN we post it to Twitter. When you post something and it automatically posts it to Twitter, the image is not going to show up. Instead it will have a link for the client to view and THEN they will see the photo. Which would you rather have? Instantly seeing a beautiful photo or having to click a link first? That is what “if this then that” does. It will push anything you do to Instagram to Twitter but it is attaching the actual photo. You don’t have to think about it!

I don’t even remember the fact that I have a Twitter have the time., because it is just pushing it to Twitter. You can do the same thing with your Facebook account.

#4 Reviews

How many of us receive reviews on a regular basis? I’m going to assume we all are receiving reviews on a regular basis. If not, we will discuss this during another coffee chat. 

When you receive a review, how many of us are posting it on social media? You should be proud of that review! Share it! Showcase it! You can create a graphic on Canva (easy free program for simple graphics). Copy and paste the review and put it into the graphic and post it! Say something like:

“I am so unbelievably thankful for our clients and the love they share for us. When they are happy we are happy!”

Post this image and then say: 

“If you happen to be a past client of mine and would like to share the love as well, you can do so here…”

...and leave a URL link! It can be The Knot, Wedding wire, Google, Facebook… I highly recommend sending people to Google because Google reviews count more for SEO purposes. But spread yourselves out! When you are getting reviews on google, it is boosting you in the rankings. If you’re getting reviews anyways… you should try to get them to google. Message them and say:

“You are a Rockstar! Would you mind copying and pasting this review here?”

And past the link for google reviews. DONE! I have templates on the shop you can use to easily collect reviews from people. I have email templates that give you the wording. If you ever get stuck, hop on over to the shop!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for tuning it! It makes me so happy to see people watching LIVE and interacting! If you are at all interested in taking my SEO course, ask me!

Q + A Time

Q: How does SEO read your posts?

A: Awesome question. I like to cover this in my SEO course! Basically picture Google as being a blind person. A blind person can’t tell what an image looks like without brail. Words… the wording of a post is the brail. That is how Google can determine what is going on in a post. So when I see photographers that just throw up photos into a blog pot but don’t say anything… that isn’t doing anything to help them! Maybe you’ll have a few clients look at it, but

A) google doesn’t know what those images are unless you’re renaming them 

B) and its kind of spammy.

People are more likely to read posts like “9 tricks on looking the best in your wedding photos” or “how to choose your wedding venue on a budget”. Those are the posts that Google is going to look at and start to rank you for. Because your keywords are going to be in those posts more likely than not.


Q: Do you stick to the two hashtag rule?

A: I’ve heard this rule too. Its when you just share from Instagram to Facebook with all thirty tags that it looks very spammy. People are not going to type in and search for “#bostonweddingplanner”. Instead they will search for “Boston wedding planner”. So if you have that set of keywords in your profile somewhere you will show up.


Q: How do you stay focused with all the learning available?

A: There is so much information out there! If it seems like its too good to be true... it probably is. If something is working for you, don’t try to add to it or find a better alternative. What often ends up happening is you go on overload! Stay in your lane and stay focused. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. IF THOUGH you are looking specifically for help, then you’re going to have to figure out who you want to learn from. And that’s when you will start paying attention.