A Letter to Me Before I Made It

Get Real Series

A Letter to Myself Before Beginning My Business

by Kasey Kyprianou

Kasey Kyprianou, a trailblazing stationer and lead badass designer of revelry + heart, joins us on the blog today! As the saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20." Wouldn't it be great to have a remote that could transport you back in time to tell your past self what mistakes to avoid and lessons you should learn in your business? Well, this post is the next best thing as Kasey talks about the types of things she would have loved to tell herself before she began her business! 

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Hey you.


I know how much you love people. I know how much you need validation that what you do is good enough, important enough and pretty enough to be valued. Use this when you’re feeling doubtful.

A letter to my business before making it


I know you struggle with charging for you work. I know you think you know how to reach people.


I know you hate sales, and think everyone is out to swindle you, because you’ve been taken advantage of and manipulated more than once in life.


I also know your heart. You pour it into your work, and can’t settle until you know your client loves it just as much as you do. I know this is why you take it so personally when it doesn’t go over like you planned. You care. A lot. Maybe too much, but I’m telling you it’s not too much, I promise.


You’re trying so hard to make it. To wear all the hats. You can’t figure out SEO, facebook ads, what analytics are or what they mean. You can’t crunch numbers, but you’re trying, the iPhone calculator and spreadsheets be damned. You have the resources.


You’re afraid to be successful. Because success will mean more pressure. More at stake. More room for failure as the expectations rise. You can do it.


You have it in your blood to make a name for yourself. Business entrepreneurship runs in your blood, and even if they never mentored you or taught you a single thing, it’s in the hidden parts of your brain, waiting to be sparked to life and activated. It wouldn’t be the first time you taught yourself something.


You can’t do this alone. You’re going to burn out, get frustrated and bitter. You have to invest in more than a savings account. You have to not worry about buying that paper, and instead, spend money on making it.


A Letter to myself before I made it

You need to let down your walls in order to get inspired. You need to let go of the thoughts that what you’re thinking can’t be done, that no one will buy in, because you’re wrong. If they don’t do anything but buy-in to your crazy ideas, you will get buy in. And your creativity will flood faster than you can anticipate, faster than you can articulate, and you’ll get so excited by your own abilities.


No one is going to believe in you for you. But I do. And you don’t have to give yourself away to prove your worth.


Raise. Your. prices. You don’t need a tool or someone to tell you how much or what they should be. Trust yourself. 


Your competition is not who you think it is, and those who are, are charging 5x as much. You deserve to make money on your expertise, your talents are worth their weight in gold, even if you think it’s something that comes effortlessly.


You will never run out of clients because someone does the same thing as you, but better. I promise.


Stop listening to what everyone else is doing and beat your own path. You love the road less traveled, so why are you longingly looking at the traffic jam?


Buy the software that will help you make money. Invest in those who will do the same. They are not out to get you, but I know you’ll check their references, just in case.


You will become your billboard, so turn inward, think about who you are, and when you think you’ve got it nailed down, you’ll find a whole other side. She is ready to take on these challenges in ways you were much too afraid to approach before. She’s been there all along and she’ll never leave you.


You’re multi-talented, but focus your effort on what you love. You’ll blossom when you stick to the things you like.


Ironically, you’re going to learn how to makes sales. It’s not your favorite thing, but there is an element that you’ll find you absolutely love, and oddly enough, it can be one of the most fun parts of the process.


You’re going to run into people who make you doubt yourself. You’ll find those who support you without asking in these moment. You’ll build a thicker skin each time. Don’t you ever feel like what you believe in isn’t as valid as those who criticize you.


You don’t have to ask for people to like you. You will find the right people the more vulnerable you are. The less you try, the better your results.


You’re going to make money.

You’re going to break through the noise.

You are going to make an impact.

You are brushfire.


Kasey Kyprianou is the owner and founder of revelry + heart, a custom design studio for couples that revel in their authenticity and crave design that evokes conversation. In a past life, Kasey was a graphic design student who interned at a stationery store in Greenwich, Connecticut. It was there that she worked on projects with the likes of Brenden Fraser and Flo Rida. Now, a seasoned business owner, she owns her own studio and designs for her own celebrity clients around the world. She's an envelope-pusher, a family treaty peacemaker, timeline expert and non-traditional stationery queen.

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