Make It Rain Website Leads

Talk It Out Tuesday: Coffee Chat

Make It Rain Website Leads

Grab your dark roast and your headphones. We will be sipping coffee and chatting about: how to create website elements that have leads steadily streaming in!

Ever wonder how some wedding pros have a constant stream of inquiries knocking at their door? Find out the insider secrets on this weekly coffee chat as we talk about everything from About Pages to brand voice and how these elements help to make it rain website leads!

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Make it Rain Website Leads

Lauren Dragon-Cook: Hello! Happy Tuesday everyone. We are going to be making it rain website leads! One of the first things I want you to really think about… take out a pen, take out a piece of paper, jot this stuff down… I want you to really look at your website (for those of you who are not particularly tech savvy, this is for you!). I want you to look at your website and pretend you are a potential client that is looking to hire somebody that does what you do. I want you to try to figure out if your website is speaking TO your potential clients or AT your potential clients. There is a big difference! I cannot tell you how many of my own clients come to me and realize its talking AT them. You’re not wording things in a way that is speaking to him. Its not their love language. Maybe you keep things very professional, which is totally alright, but there is no feeling of who you are in your website. What I notice is so many people try to keep it professional but what they forget is people are hiring you because they fall in love with you!

I just got done writing a blog post for Dubsado, I love Dubsado! The blog post is “Five Signs Your Welcome Guide Probably isn’t so Welcoming”. What I’m seeing more of in the wedding industry as a whole, so many people are keeping this professional but there has been a major shift in the business world. Especially creatives! You are going to start seeing a lot of people don’t want a quick transaction anymore. They are not buying something and running away in the sunset. They want to be wined and dined and loved on. They want to fall iun love with the idea of something. They want to be part of a larger story. They want to be part of your brand and your growth and your story. So how that translates for us is you can’t be afraid to show who you are! If you are professional… then that’s who you will attract for an ideal client. But if you’re not attracting your ideal client then there is a reason for that. You may not be speaking to them. They don’t resonate with you! There is nothing on your website that speaks to them.

Think about when you hop on someone’s website… are you going to be more inclined to stick around and check things out if people are saying slang words you say all the time? I might be more apt to stay there. That is real life, that is who you are! I want to read about it! But if you are not willing to let yourself show… then what that is doing is turning away people. Your ideal client is not resonating with that. You are not speaking their love language.

Your website is your space. I want that to resonate with you. I want you to have this be part of you, because there is often a disconnect between who a person is, what their brand stands for… versus what their website shows you.

About Pages

This all leads me in talking to you about your “About” page. I hope you are sitting down, because I’m about to legit blow your mind if you have already not heard this from me. Your about page has nothing… NOTHING… to do with you. Yes. Let me explain. Your about page needs to be doing a couple of thing for your potential clients. Somebody is going to be popping on your website and they will see your “home” page. My home page shows a little bit about who I am but it really is basically calling to them. I wanted to call to my ideal client. It directs them where to go on the website. The next place people go is the about page. After here is was always services and pricing.

So lets focus on the about page. The about page has nothing to do with you. My first statement on this page is: 

“I am a wedding junkie and an organizational nerd.”

 What I did there is acknowledge that they might be having a problem with organization. Next line, 

“During your wedding planning you will need someone who loves wedding planning because this ain’t McDonald’s and lets face it, you won’t always be loving it.”

I’m trying to resonate and talk with… NOT AT… my ideal client. You have to add a little bit of you into the body. On my about page, I say who I am (mostly for SEO), but I speak to their struggle. They don’t need to enjoy wedding planning, that is why they have me. I am speaking to them. I’m showing them that it is okay if they hate planning, because chance are they are looking for a planner because they hate it themselves. If someone is looking for a venue, they want to know… 

  • Is it renovated?

  • Is it up to 2018 standards?

  • What is it going to provide me that I can’t get from another venue?

  • What level of service am I getting?

They want to see what the venue is all about. They don’t care about the details.

Let's go over a photography example… your client isn’t going to care if you went to photography school, if you graduated form Harvard in 1999. Couples are selfish! Highlight this!!! Couples are selfish. They want to now what you can do for them. They don’t genuinely care about you yet. 

Think of it as you’re going on a first date. On your first date are you going to tell them you were divorced or tell them the stuff you don’t necessarily share on the first date? Probably not.


You don’t want to go overboard with the about page. You want to show them that you can solve their problems. What do I mean by this? You want to show them how you can solve the problem better than anyone else. Write like you speak! You don’t have to embellish. 

“I have been living and breathing weddings ever since I was like three and I got my first Polly Pocket that just so happened to be the Wedding Edition.”

I’ve chosen to say it this way, rather than saying…

“I’ve absolutely adored weddings ever since the young age of three.”

See how that sounds different?

Speak to their problems, speak to what they are struggling with. Anybody can do this. 

“Between work, your relationship with family and friends, you might be finding it hard to breathe. Much less spend 250 hours… the average time it takes to plan a wedding.” 

What I am doing is I’m showing them my expertise, because I know how long it takes to plan an average wedding. Then from there I am speaking to them. I’m not speaking at them. I’m saying, I’ve got you, I feel you. You are struggling right now. You are juggling a lot of stuff! I’m acknowledging the fact that it is okay they have a problem. But I can fix that problem and this is how… They need to I know that you get it. They have to feel assured you understand what they are going through at that moment. If they are not 100% sold, they won’t contact you.

If planning itself takes 250 hours to do, if they are working full time, maybe going to school too… time is valuable. If they don’t feel 100% assured you are going to help them and would be a good fit… they won’t reach out.

Your about page needs to show your ideal clients you are an expert at what you do.

“There is a good chance you are feeling rushed and overwhelmed…”

I’m playing into their emotions.

“It is turning your walk down the aisle into a destination rather than allowing you to enjoy the journey and the experience.”

You are tapping into their struggle.


The other thing I encourage you to do, break up your about page! Don’t have it be all text. I see so many about pages that are just straight up text. Think about yourself… if you hop on a website and you see nothing but a college textbook, are you going to read that’s shit? No! Of course not! Why would you? 

Break it up… you can do that with images. If you are just starting out and don’t have any images, use a testimonial. If you don’t have a testimonials, reach out to past people that you have worked with on some level, ask for a testimonial! Reach out to those that can attest to your character. It doesn’t have to be wedding specific. Maybe a past co-worker or somebody that really inspired you to get into the industry.

If I know you more than just a Facebook profile, ask me! I get a really good sense of who you are and what your strengths are.


You need a call to action on every single page on your website. Put a button. What I* mean by this… if you aren’t directly showing people where they need to be going on your website, they are going to be like “well that was fun”, and away they go. If my about page resonates with them, what are they going to do? They will click a button and where will it bring them? My contact page! That way they don’t need to be questioning whether or not they should contact you. Its in front of their face!

I have it bring them to a Dubsado form. So when somebody submits this, then it automatically goes into my Dubsado. I am getting information about them. Go check out my contact page and copy some of the information I have!

  • What is your wedding date?

  • What is your budget?

I want to understand the kind of wedding they are creating. But lets be honest, we don’t want to be working with a super small budget. I want to make sure you appreciate what I do and treat me with respect. Those are the people that often have the mid-range budgets.

  • Where is the venue?

  • How many guests?

  • Is it okay for me to give you a call?

Now, I hate talking on the phone when it comes to brides. I felt like I needed to feel them out. It was always a guessing game. So if they say, they would rather communicate via email... YES.

The last question I want to point out is… what they think they need? There is a big difference what they will tell you via phone or email, versus what they think they need. More times than not, I would have somebody say “HELP”. But then they ended up only wanting me to help them the month of. Or vice versa. They thought they had it under control, but they needed some more hand holding.

So that is the basic run down of the about page and contact page. Make sure you are asking them where they are coming from. Please! If they are a referral, chances are you are going to want to send something to the person they referred them. A handwritten card goes a long way. If they found you from Facebook, that means whatever you were doing worked! But you won’t know unless you ask them those questions.


You will find some people are all about finding their ideal client and some people are “there is no such thing as your ideal client”. I am all about finding out who your person is. If you don’t have a good sense of this, chances are they won’t come around. I genuinely believe if you start to paint a picture in your head about your ideal target audience, you will be able to speak to them. I encourage you to go onto Pinterest, create a secret board, and think about your favorite person or bride or groom and really figure out what you liked about them. Every person has a different client they are trying to attract.


Thank you so much for sticking around. I really appreciate all the love you send out. I will see you all next Tuesday!

Q + A

Q: What if I offer more than one type of service?

A: You want to make sure you are showing people all of the services you offer. Your ideal client is going to be somebody that doesn’t have the time to dedicated to all of this. You want to say something like “time is of the essence, especially if you don’t consider yourself a creative and you don’t have the vision, let me help you bring it all together so you know your wedding will be beautiful and executed well.” Customize your about page!


Q: Does it make more sense to boast about your credentials?

A: Sprinkle in your experience. They want to know you are good at what you do.


Q: How do you feel about pricing?

A: Let me put it this way… if I were to fall in love with LuLu Lemon all over again (I just found out who they were), and I don’t know that their yoga pants run anywhere from $80-$100, then I will be pissed because I just fell in love with your yoga pants, but I don’t want to pay that much! So I suggest giving a starting price. Maybe you require a deposit of _____ for a higher priced package. At least that way they have a frame of reference going into it. They can make their own decision moving forward. They won’t be mad at you later on. Giving them a starting price is not a bad thing. Maybe you have base offerings and then you have add-ons. Are your base rates only based on hours? Or is it all inclusive? It matters what your packages are, but do what is right for you.


Q: Do you think you can have too many pages on your website?

A: Yes. It can be overwhelming. However, I have never seen an instance where an about page and contact page together has worked well.


Q: What do you use for Facebook Live?

A: I use ecamm. It is amazing. This one is my favorite. It is a download. You can customize it, you can have guest speakers… If you do want to have a guest speaker, you have to order an extension… but its cheap! I have a coupon code so I can give that to you!


Q: What about Instagram?

A: I just signed up for Tyler Mcalls’ workshop he is doing for Instagram stories. They scare the shit out of me! I do use Instagram often: weddingbosslife. It took awhile for me to start liking it. But once I started posting more regularly, I really did fall in love with it. Instagram and Pinterest are my two favorite platforms for finding clients and my tribe and providing value to them. We can talk more about Instagram in another Coffee Chat!