Workflow Series: Wedding Planners

Weddings are so much friggen work! It’s not just running the wedding day that is intense, but also all the prep work and client care that happens beforehand!

Having a streamlined wedding planning workflow will help make sure that when you are dying in the middle of the season and have 🙇🏻‍♀️ "wedding brain burnout" 🙇🏻‍♀️ as I like to call it, you don't have to worry about any to-do's you may have forgotten with certain clients!

Consistent, world-class service = amazing testimonials, future clients, and a little less stress at the end of the day! 

I dug up my own wedding workflow that I use with clients whose wedding is at least 12 months out and I am doing a little hand-holding throughout the process (this is obviously different than just month-of coordination). The workflow below is pretty insanely detailed, so hopefully it will either provide you with a little insight and direction in making a new one, or help you strengthen your existing one! 

One thing to quickly note is you will obviously be adding in your own client to-do's for each job.

This will always be changing with each client as each client's needs are different than the last and your level of client support varies (I hope) with each of your packages.

For example, I am talking about whether you include a site visit, vendor meetings, tastings, etc.

I have included a complete list of Client Variables in the FREE Wedding Planner Workflow Download!


1. Respond to initial inquiry with informational PDF (describing style, booking process and general investment).

2. Arrange a phone date or meeting as soon as possible! Couples will lose interest with the more time that passes. 

3. During phone chat, be sure to cover pricing and the process of working with you. 

4. Cover pricing and the process of working with you.

5. Q&A.

6. Send contract and invoice.

7. Once the contract has been signed and deposit has been made, follow up with a thank you/welcome to the family email (which includes your links to your preferred vendors list and other important information).


8. Add to client management system, input wedding into calendar, and add contact information to phone.

9. Send welcome package (treats, info about the process), thank you card, welcome magazine.

10. Establish a "to-do" list or overall checklist for couple.

11. Establish a budget spreadsheet. 

12. Create vendor spreadsheet to keep track of all contact information, contracts, payments and due dates, etc.

13. Create a design board for the couple to begin sharing wedding ideas and inspiration with you. 


👗Engagement Session

14. Send engagement blog post questionnaire.

15. Write engagement blog post.

16. Post teaser on social media from blog post.

17. Send thank you email to couple with engagement blog post link.


18. Check in monthly with couple if not more often.

19. Send remaining balance email.

20. Schedule pre-wedding meeting for 1 or 2 weeks before wedding date - discuss the timeline of the day, family situations, etc.

21. Send final details questionnaire to complete for the meeting - the most important thing here is getting the list for family formals!

22. Finalize timeline.

23. Send vendor email including all social media handles. (At least 1 week prior to wedding).

24. Attend rehearsal.

25. Set up as much as possible after the rehearsal to eliminate work on the wedding day.

26. Prep gear (restock emergency kit as needed, pack bags, prep clothes, snacks, water, umbrellas in car, etc.)

27. Review schedule + input locations in GPS to determine the time you should leave your house. 

28. Get a good night's sleep!


29. REST! 

30. Email vendors for the opportunity to have worked with them!

31. Email the couple thanking them for the opportunity to have helped them on their special day!

32. Reshare any teasers the photographer may have posted to social media and tag couple to hold them over until the rest of their photo gallery is edited. As a courtesy, don't forget to tag the venue and all corresponding vendors!

33. Ask the photographer to notify you once the gallery is complete so you may complete your blog post. 

34. Send wedding blog post questionnaire.

35. Write blog post and add all vendors.

36. Schedule social media posts with blog link and tag all vendors/couple.

37. Send email to couple with blog post link.

38. Send email to vendors with blog post link.

39. Select handful of favorites to add to folder on desktop to update portfolio during the off-season.

40. Pin blogged images to Pinterest boards.

41. Cycle pins through Boardbooster.

42. Ask the couple to leave you a review if they haven't already. 

43. Gently remind the couple about your referral program. 🔚🔚🔚This is an area MANY planners neglect to cultivate and is a major revenue stream!

44. Schedule first year anniversary FB post and email. Rockstar status!