Winks from the Universe

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Winks from the Universe

Let’s talk synchronicities. What are they? Well, when you see repeating numbers, when you hear the same song on the radio every time you turn your car on... those types of things can be considered synchronicities! I am talking about the winks from the universe, or signs that it’s listening, it hasn’t left you, you are not out of alignment, you are doing the right thing! So how do you know? How do you know when you are on the right path? How do you know when the universe is trying to give you a sign? What are those signs? 

How many of you have thought those things? How many of you are questioning these things yourself? How many of you have ever said to yourself “no I’m just making that up… its just in my head”, when you’ve seen something or heard something and you are like “no, that can’t be happening”. I know I still do that sometimes too!

Repeating Numbers

One of the first things that people tend to see when they realize that there is more out there than just what meets the eye when they are starting to become conscious that there is more at play… they tend to begin to see signs. They begin to see repeating numbers. Did you ever hear when you were a little kid “11:11 make a wish!”? Well there is actually some truth to that. How many of you have seen 8’s for like an entire day and you’re like “what is happening, I think I’m going crazy”. How many of you have begun to see any of these things? How many of you want to begin to see these things?

I’m just thinking about when I started to wake up and I started to see some of these signs and the numbers and I started to see everything. I was questioning everything. It was like nothing that was happening was real and it was really hard for me to really begin to believe it. 

Often times you are going to begin by seeing repeating numbers and repeating numbers can mean a lot of different things but when you are out and about driving and you think of a question or there is something that is weighing on your mind and you are trying to figure out the next best step to take… what should I do, what choice should I make… when you begin to see the numbers and you’re driving and that is happening to you… that is your answer! That is your answer from the universe… from source! You are never actually alone and riding this journey alone because you are always being shown different signs, it is just a matter of not paying attention.

My set of numbers that I always see is “222”. It is always “222” and that is just about balance. You can go online and you can look to see what the different combination of numbers mean. If you are part of the Rooted Connection then you will also find all of this under the numerology lessons. You have all of these numbers that are going to start to pop up and show up when you start to look for answers.

Thoughts, Interventions, and Animals… OH MY!

Something else I also wanted to talk about was random thoughts that we get. How many of you have ever felt like “aw man I really need to call my mom”, and then all of the sudden your mom calls you out of the blue? Nothing triggered it, it was just a random thought. That is also a wink from the universe. That is saying well your mom probably could use your support right now or there is something going on where you need to reach out. That is the universe showing up.


Another way you can say that you are receiving guidance from the universe is when you have technology malfunctions. When you are trying to send an email and all of the sudden your internet goes out and there is no service, no wifi. You’re trying to send a text message and the text won’t go through. Almost like an intervention saying right now probably isn’t the best time… its almost like it is taking the steering wheel and preventing something else from happening. Maybe it’s a sign that you just shouldn’t send that message.

There are also times that you are going to receive confirmation in the dark times, in the shadows, in the moments where you are struggling. That is also a time where you feel like life couldn’t just get any worse. Maybe you’re roof starts leaking, your car breaks down, one of your kids gets really sick, or you get into a huge fight with your partner… honestly when your life starts to fall apart like that its an invitation for you to let go and detach from the current situation because it is also like an opportunity for you to get on a better path. It is an opportunity for you to wake the eff up!

Something else I wanted to point out and it is something you are going to really want to make note of is any time you see a certain animal, you may see in one day like 6 cardinals and normally you don’t see any. Or you have turkey vultures surrounding your house and flying around your house… what does that mean? Those are also signs. Those are symbols that are being given to you. It’s a message pertaining to whatever it is weighing on your might, pertaining to wherever you’re at in your journey. It is delivering you guidance that only the universe can do. 

No Coincidences, Only Synchronicities

Those of you that know me well, know that I don’t believe in coincidences. They aren’t a thing! Especially when you start to dive down this rabbit hole and you start to really look at different elements of spirituality and different elements of yourself and all of those things, nothing is a coincidence. It is more of a synchronicity. That has to do with universal laws. Synchronicities  are divinely timed and it is something you can’t just explain. There is no way logically you can explain how X, Y, and Z just happened. 

Here is any example: You have been thinking about going back to school and getting a degree in technology and you have been thinking to yourself, maybe I should do this. And then all of a sudden you are at this coffee shop and a technology professor comes in and starts to strike up a conversation with you and says that they have one of the best programs in the country and they think you would be a really good fit. Like what? When does that happen? That is a synchronicity. That is literally the universe giving you what you need. But the one piece that a lot of people fail to realize is the fact that you have to ask in order to receive. You will be seeing lots of different repetitive numbers and different things here and there, but if you really want a clear sign, an answer to something you have to ask. Its not just going to fall right in your lap.

It is a matter of trusting that what you are seeing and hearing and experiencing is real. It is not just a coincidence.

Are You Paying Attention? What do the Numbers Mean?

Often times when people are beginning to “wake up” and dabble in intuition and beginning to just dive deeper, they aren’t necessarily aware and paying attention and recognizing the signs and symbols that are being placed in front of them. Here I am talking about repeating numbers, you can be out and about and you’re driving and you look down at your odometer and the last four digits are “5555”. Is that a coincidence? No. It is a message to you, but the question really also is… are you listening? Are you paying attention to what is going on? That is also a really big piece of it. Its not that the universe isn’t delivering messages to you… its not that it isn’t trying to communicate with you… it’s a matter of you not being able to recognize what is happening in front of you. Maybe you have too much worry or fear that is going on. The key is truly slowing down and listening to what is playing out around you. When you begin looking for those signs and just really remaining present with yourself and every moment that you can, those are going to show up all the time. All the time!

Fives are so important! One of my best friends, Dov, it is her set of numbers. Five is all about change. It is all about beautiful growth and expansion. One resource that I would highly recommend especially when you are just starting to see signs and numbers this is a great resource. It is by Doreen Virtue, and it’s a book called Angel Numbers. She herself is controversial right now in the spiritual community, but that doesn’t mean her resources and her books aren’t still relevant and in my opinion great to use. This was my go-to in the beginning when I was starting to see numbers all the time. 

So for example, “555”: huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life. To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive and stay centered in pray and affirmations. 

I love love love love when I receive winks from the universe because then it also makes me feel like I am not alone. It makes me feel that I am not going crazy. It makes me feel like I know I am on the right path. I am doing things right. 


Someone said that they see “4’s”. This is saying that angels are surrounding you, this is where masters where higher guides and the angels are with you and supporting you. It is one of the more common sets of numbers you see in the beginning to.

“3”s… my husband use to see all the time. Right before he made a huge decision to completely change careers and go into business for himself and to buy a car carrier and start that business he was seeing 3’s all the time and it was a sign to him that what he was doing at that time was right. If you’re about to jump ship… picture yourself having worked with a company for 13 years and then all of the sudden you are like “I think I am going to start my own thing”. Of course you’re doing to have fear and worry and your ego will get in the way and try to protect. But the beautiful thing is that when you are in alignment and doing what it is you are supposed to be doing with your purpose and path, you are going to see these numbers come up more and more for you.

Someone else is seeing “1’s”. This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly so keep your mindset focused upon your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to heaven. This is really saying to you also, that you are co-creating your reality right now. So really truly determine what it is that you want. If you are not clear on that... or if you are only focusing on the worry or what you don’t want… that is what is going to come up and that is what you are going to have for reality. In order to manifest that which you want you need to be able to show up in a level and vibration that matches that frequency, otherwise you are just going to continue to manifest that which you don’t want. If you are in a bad mood all the time and you are trying to manifest your dream whatever, guess what? Chances are you are going to manifest that which you are worried about. 

What about “411”? The angels are with you and ready to give you information and guidance, all you need to do is ask.

“711”? Continue with your affirmations and visualizations as they are working.

Sevens are another one of my favorites because they are reminding you that you are on the wright path and it is saying to you that you can continue to move forward with you with what you are doing. Success is inevitable if you keep that momentum going.

“234”? You have powerful allies and the ascended archangels and masters are with you right now, helping and guiding you.

Consciously Curious

Inside of my membership community where I teach creatives how to begin tapping into their own intuition to help them in their own life and business, one of the things that we talk a lot about is numerology. That is why I’m not really getting into what every single number means. It is essentially what you are going to start seeing right off the bat. There are different stages of your intuition. For me what I like to feel is consciously curious. The majority of you watching this right now are probably consciously curious meaning you are beginning to see those signs, you are beginning to get those messages, you are beginning to wonder and question what else is out there. There are going to be things you yourself are going to start to ask and that is probably where the majority of you are at. 

Also, when you are consciously curious you are beginning to recognize the fact that you have experienced weird flashes or images popping into your head, but you don’t really know why or what they mean. You are also really identifying the truth in the stories that have held you back your whole life. That is consciously curious. That is the stage where I’m feeling the majority of you are at.

If what I said, if a piece that I said to you resonated, please be sure to tag a friend... share this message. Because there are so many people in this world that are waking up and they need this information because they need to know they are not crazy or alone. Please! It helps to not only spread the love but it helps the page to grow and if what I am saying to you has resonated for you and you really are wanting to see more clarity or guidance you can always reach out. We can always work in a session together. Or if you are really wanting to dive into your own intuition guys and wanting to see what this side of things looks like… then I would highly encourage you to sign up for the waitlist for the Rooted Connection.

I hope this is helpful for you guys and I will be chatting with you all super soon! So much love to you guys and like I said, I’ll be sure to answer them! Have a great rest of your night guys!

I cannot thank you guys enough for being part of this incredible community. As always, if you have any questions you can always reach out. It is about to get lit and it is about to get real and I hope you stay along for the ride and if not, I wish you nothing but the best and nothing but the most success possible.

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