Workflow Series: Portrait Photographers

Having a kickass client workflow will help make sure that when you are in the middle of the season and are totally running on fumes (you know exactly what I'm talking about - cold coffee in your favorite Etsy mug ☕️sitting on your desk on top of the aftermath from the bomb 💣 that went off in your office while you have 34 galleries to edit), you don't have to worry about any to-do's you may have forgotten with certain clients!

Photography Client Workflow Checklist


1. Respond to initial inquiry with informational PDF (describing style, booking process and general investment).

2. Arrange a phone date! Clients will lose interest with the more time that passes. 

3. During phone chat, be sure to cover pricing and the process of working with you. 

4. Decide whether or not they are a good fit for you. 

5. Q&A.

6. Follow up with a thank you/welcome to the family email.

7. Send contract, invoice, and session questionnaire.


8. Add to client management system, input session date into calendar, and add contact information to phone.

9. Send welcome package (treats, info about the process), thank you card, welcome magazine.


10. Discuss ideas for shoot using info in the questionnaire, and choose location.

11. Confirm time and location.

12. Send remaining balance email. DO NOT DELIVER GALLERY UNTIL BALANCE IS PAID IN FULL. You've been warned.

13. Prep gear (clean cameras and lenses, charge batteries, clear cards, pack bags, prep clothes, snacks, umbrellas in car).

14. Shoot the session!

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15. Import raw images to external.

16. Back up images.

17. Cull photos. Photomechanic, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Lightroom are all great tools. 

18. Edit handful of photos to serve as a preview and for blog post.

19. Send blog post questionnaire.

20. Write blog post.

21. Post teaser on social media from blog post - be sure to tag client to hold him/her over until the rest of the gallery is complete.

22. Send thank you email to client with blog post link.

23. Order gift/USB/prints if applicable.

24. Finish editing images.

25. Upload to gallery.

26. Send email to client of entire gallery and ask them to add favorites to folder and share for album/product design.

27. Mail out gift package.


28. Backup final gallery to archive.

29. Select handful of favorites to add to folder on desktop to update portfolio during the off-season.

30. Pin blogged images to Pinterest boards.

31. Cycle pins through Boardbooster.


This is an area MANY photographers neglect to cultivate and is a major revenue stream!

32. Pre-design album, thank you cards, wall galleries with couple's favorite images.

33. Email first draft to client.

34. Send album cover choices and other options questionnaire.

35. Finalize and order album.


I guarantee you will all have different workflows from mine once you have added your own flair. With that being said, if you have some useful steps in your own workflow that aren’t listed, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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