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gorgeous websites don't make Money if they aren't being found!


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Stop throwing money out the window on useless advertising & wedding shows!

It's time to go from WTF is SEO to SE-ohhh!


Score A Personal, Step-By-Step Walkthrough On How To Master Your Workflow To Slay Your Systems, Tackle Your To-Do List, & Become A Freaking King Or Queen Of Productivity...

From an industry expert who does it every d*mn day.

(←Psssst. That’s me.) 💥🚀



You’re a creative biz owner who doesn’t have any time to actually be creative anymore.

No worries! We've all been there - hell - most of us are STILL there!

You just wanna create all kinds of amazingly creative awesomeness all day every day, but every.single.other.freaking.part. 

of running a business keeps taking over your to-do list...and your life. 

Wait, life? What's a life?    


Wedding Biz-in-a-Box is best for:

  • Wedding pros who are looking for the training, support, and tools to actually get shit done.
  • Bosses who put work (and WERK) into their businesses—without breaking a sweat

This proven system of templates, workflows, and info that actually help you bulldoze through your behind the scenes bullshit and start taking your business by the horns. (...Get it, BULLdoze, horns…) 

You will receive everything that i use to routinely (and reliably) run 80% of my business on autopilot.


  • You don't have to waste your own time on those admin tasks that crush your soul (you know the ones).
  • You're all kinds of unbelievably organized and completely on top of your biz, instead of drowning in the countless empty (but really pretty!!) planners on your shelf.
  • Your entire business is managed by stupidly simple apps and tools that you could even teach your preschooler to run (don't do that though - that is called child labor and that's a crime).
  • And no, you don’t need to be a total super nerd or tech guru to get it started (although to all my fellow nerds, get ready to totally start geeking out)


Don't know where to start?

No worries - I've got you. I'll hold your hand as you learn:

  •  The best kinds of tasks to automate
  •  When to automate and when something needs your fabulous self involved
  •  Which other time management tactics to use with automation to make the most of it

The Best Part: All of a sudden, you’ll know exactly what to streamline & how to get back to doing the things you wanna do.



  • 65+ Wedding Business Email Templates [$97 Value] - Lay the foundation for communicating with your clients via email! Many emails included that you have never thought of adding to your canned responses.
  • Blogging Questionnaires [$297 Value] - Does the thought of blogging make you want to just Netflix and chill the rest of the day? I was the same way before I figured out this ingenious way of making the client do 90% of the blog post work. 
  • Contracts and Proposals [$397 Value] - Unlock the industry's essential documents to make sure you are protecting your butt and keeping your biz legal. Includes: Contract, Subagreement/Amendment to Contract, Intern Agreement, and an All-in-One Proposal.
  • Client Forms [$497 Value] - From client feedback surveys to a final wedding details questionnaire to wedding day shot list, you will want to make these part of your client workflow as soon as you get your hands on them! 
  • Portrait and Wedding Photographer Workflows [$47 Value] - It's time to clean up the behind the scenes of your business with these guided workflows. 
  • 65 Must-Have Tools for Wedding Creatives [$27 Value] - Unlock the industry's best kept apps and tools on productivity and how to get shit done! 
  • Lead Captures [$27 Value] - Learn the proven, tested, step-by-step process of automating your inquiries so you don't have to be superglued to your computer screen to book your leads.
  • Wedding Industry Marketing Techniques [Value is your own unlimited potential!] - A behind the scenes view of insider wedding marketing techniques. Here lies the key to your scalable future.
  • Bite-Sized Biz Builders [$297 Value] - Finally, pinpoint those sneaky little tricks that are you have been searching for but didn't even realize you needed!  


  • You’ll master workflow tools to slay your systems, tackle your to-do list, and become a freaking queen (or king) of productivity 
  • Ditch the most annoying and time-consuming parts of online business admin, from organizing email inquiries to tracking your income. 
  • Automate onboarding and invoicing so you can spend more time on actual jobs that make you actual money.
  • Make biz apps talk to each other and build supersonic chain reactions of productivity! 
  • Avoid tech overwhelm and learn how to use tools that work with the systems you already have. 
  • Instead of using one app for emails, and another for invoicing, and another for client onboarding, and another and another and another…
  • Capture hearts and dollar bills with a fabulous brand that feels cohesive, aligned and highlights you as the expert you truly are.
  • Your calendar will be bursting with new wedding couples and hot leads that are chomping at the bit to become clients.
  • Replace your dozens of random apps with legit magical unicorn tools  like Dubsado and Zapier to connect what you’re already using AND GET RID OF THE ONES YOU AREN'T! Can I get an AMEN to that?! 
  • Manage your time like a true lady boss and getting more done in one day than you used to accomplish in a whole week.




In this self-paced course, you receive 6 modules including videos, step-by-step recorded tutorials, PDF guides, and bonuses sprinkled on top!

I show you exactly how to be implementing these new strategies on both squarespace and wordpress websites! (All principles can be applied to any website, but i did demos with these two because they are the most popular)


  • Video Tutorial: Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Video Tutorial: Google Analytics Setup
  • Video Tutorial: Google My Business Setup
  • Video Tutorial: Submitting Your Sitemap to Index
  • Video Tutorial: Verifying Your Site

MODULE #2: Keywords 101

  • Coming up with your keyword strategy and content
  • WHERE you should be entering keywords and how often
  • Brainstorming sheets specific to your industry
  • BONUS: Keyword Research Worksheets

MODULE #3: Onsite OPtimization

  • Where to use your keywords 
  • How to quickly batch image renaming
  • When to use Tags, Alt-Text, Headers, Categories, etc.
  • BONUS: SEO Checklist


  • WHY we are always told to blog by EVERYone
  • WHAT to blog when you don't think you have anything to write about
  • WHEN to blog
  • BONUS: Blog Ideas Cheatsheet

MODULE #5: Measurement + Setting yourself apart from YOUR competition

  • Don't worry, you don't need to be a master in statistics to read your data! I show you the metrics you should be focusing on
  • How to tell what is working and what isn't by reading your results

MODULE #6: Link Building

  • You don't need to be a NY Times Best Seller to get serious website credibility
  • The BEST SEO strategy I can guarantee you AREN'T using
  • Anchor text, internal links, first-tier, second-tier, backlinks... ALL DEMYSTIFIED!


  • SEO Survival Guide Checklist 
  • Website Photo Resizer Droplet (Need Photoshop)
  • Wedding Industry Hashtags for Instagram
  • Social Media and Blog Post Ideas
  • Keyword Research Worksheets
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What if I told you that SEO was your answer to start generating hundreds of client inquiries a year?

Well... that was me telling you.

Start getting found online + stop wasting money with EXPENSIVE advertising on Wedding Wire, The Knot, at wedding expos, ON radio ads...


This is the closest thing you'll ever get to hiring an SEO guru to personalize your strategy without having to pay the price tag!

Want to try it before you buy it? No worries, I hear that! Watch the getting started module on the house. 


Ready now? Buy My SEO Survival Course + let's do the damn thing! 

Course Price

1 Payment of $297

Hear that?

Success is calling.

And isn’t it time you pick up the effing phone?

Frequently Asked Questions

+ I'm not part of the wedding industry. Will this course still help me?

ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!! Just because you aren't slinging weddings every weekend doesn't mean you won't benefit immensely from this course. The principles I teach are universal to any industry. So chin up buttercup, you are still part of the cool kids club! xo

+ What if I'm unhappy with the course?

If you're sad, I'm sad. I would never want you to be unhappy! If you've gone through the course, implemented some of the strategies, and found they're not helping you reach better rankings in search results, contact me through the course platform and we'll work something out.

+ Alright, I'm liking what I'm hearing. So what's included?

SEO Survival Guide includes 6 modules, broken down into lessons containing both video and text (gotta show love to the word nerds!). Each module also has a matching cheat sheet or workbook. Plus, I'm throwing in a 20% off coupon for Dubsado, the one tool that has singlehandedly streamlined my business, to help you get shit done.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

Um, forever. I know, it's great. After you sign up, you have unlimited access to all this goodness, and any new content that gets added to the course in the future. I've got your back. 😉

+ In the words of Outkast, "for ever, ever?"

For ever, ever.