Want to rent my brain for your audience? I’m all in.

Whether I’m speaking at your next event or hosting a workshop for your tribe, I bring my all to the table on topics like leveraging intuition in business, SEO survival, client onboarding, playing the comparison game, and, of course, running a stress-free creative business.

I’ll equip your audience of creatives with practical takeaways that will help them stop spinning their wheels, restore order to their business, and reignite their passion for their craft...all while finding themselves, in the process.

(And you better bet there’ll be a Golden Girls reference -- or two -- in there.)

Encouraging, engaging, and educating creative entrepreneurs is part of my mission in business. My goal as a speaker is to equip audiences with practical takeaways along with doses of humor and heartfelt moments that will help them to stop spinning their wheels. I encourage creatives to restore order in their business and ultimately reignite their passion for their craft.

Topics that I love to speak on include...

Stop Spinning Your Wheels Behind-the-Scenes

An action based talk that speaks to the importance of implementing systems and workflows and how it directly affects your ability to manage the behind-the-scenes of your business.

Stay in your lane even when FOMO's Riding Shotgun 

Playing the comparison game can become utterly exhausting. Learn how to ditch trying to keep up with the Jones' and focus on aligning with your own goals to stay ahead of the game!


SEO Survival Guide for Creatives

A talk specifically geared for the creative entrepreneur who may not know what SEO stands for, let alone what it truly means. It’s time to learn the basic skills & general knowledge to optimize your business in the online world. 

It’s Time to Up Your Client Game

An engaging yet practical talk that speaks to the need for creating a one-of-a-kind client experience, what it takes to wow your clients, and how the effects of doing such can help to sustain your business longterm.

Official Bio

Lauren Dragon-Cook is the Founder of Creative Boss Life, a service-based brand that focuses on equipping creative business owners with the tools needed to stop spinning their wheels and to streamline behind the scenes of their businesses. She is a Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author and Creative Innovator. Lauren is passionate about helping others start and grow sustainable businesses through a three-ingredient secret sauce: Setting Up Systems, Getting Found Online and Creating a Show-stopping Client Experience. With 10 years of entrepreneurship under her belt, she regularly contributes to publications such as the Rising Tide Society, Dubsado, and Showit. Lauren enjoys taking long walks down the aisles of Target in solitude, sneaks an occasional nap in when she’s not chasing her two sons, Liam (6) and Asher (4) and anxiously awaits her nightly glass of Malbec or Cab.

Tune into Lauren's weekly podcast to catch a glimpse of how and what she speaks about!


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