Energy Healing Work (60 Min)


Energy Healing Work (60 Min)


Energy healing sessions are designed to target deep rooted, conscious and unconscious patterns, triggers, and wounds and bring to light the causes. Once we can see the cause we can release it with specificity and swiftness. Lifetimes of work can be done in short periods of time.

These sessions work on a practical level, mental/conscious level, and energetic level. Sessions can cover everything from relationships, to abundance and work, purpose and mission, addiction patterns, family dynamics, and personal growth and evolution.

Sessions may include a variety of modalities such as activation distance healing, visualization, dousing, spiritual mentoring, core wound and trauma healing, and more.

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For energy work to be properly completed, at least 2 sessions are STRONGLY recommended.

The first session is for the actual healing work itself.

The second session is for integration and making sure you don’t revert back to old habits.

IMPORTANT: This reading is not meant to be "predictive" but more guiding. The intention is to help you navigate the energies that could be present and relevant to you right now. Ultimately, YOU make things happen, not the cards, or what anyone else says. Nothing in this reading is finite or unchangeable. It all comes back to you and your own creative power. This reading is merely a guiding principle.

COMPATIBILITY: I reserve the right to refund you immediately if I feel that we are not a good fit. For example, if you are asking me to do something that I cannot, such as do a reading about someone else, or "predict" exact events and how they will unfold in your life, then I will determine that we aren't a good fit, refund you, and if I can, refer you to someone who offers this service.

RETURNS: No refunds or returns will be permitted after delivery has occurred. I put a lot of time and effort into my readings and if we agree on all the terms and I read your cards, it is up to you to decide what significance your reading has for you. It has served its purpose even if only to show you what you do not believe or resonate with, which then gives you more clarity.

These readings are for entertainment only and are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice.